Should Women Lift Weights?

You see it all the time on the cover of women fitness magazine with a fit female holding dumbbells and a "lose weight fast" headline draped underneath her abs. 

But what's with dumbbells? Aren't women supposed to do cardio in order to get the ultimate figure they dream about? or 

Should women lift weights?

The short answer is, "Yes women should lift weights".

There are so many benefits weights that gym goers can utilize to get in the best shape of you lives. The most understood benefits are strength gain via progressive overload and muscle gain via hypertrophy.

However there are other benefits of lifting weight is that might interest women more. And you also seen difference between women lifting before and after.
  • One of those benefits is that lifting weights promotes weight loss.
  • By adding muscle through weight lifting, metabolic rates goes up to feed the newly added muscle, burning more calories through out the day.
  • Lifting weight also helps shape the body.
  • If your body is a shape of a plum and all you do is cardio, you'll just end up becoming a smaller plum. Adding muscle to the right place will help shape out the body with a more fit appearance.
Other benefits of lifting weight for female/male :-
  • Increase mobility
  • Preventing muscle loss
  • Fixing posture
  • Alleviating back pain.

How much weight should a women lift to tone ?

The only catch is that ladies you need to lift heavy. Lifting those 3 pounds dumbbells isn't going to cut it. You need to lift strong to look strong and tone. 

Of course don't worry about getting too bulky women naturally have difficulty putting on muscles mass because of the lack of the muscle building hormone, testosterone when compared to men.

So, go out and don't be afraid to pick up those barbells one in a while !

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