Muscles Soreness And Recovery Tips - Working Out

It's been years since you've gone to the GYM but today, you finally master up the willpower. to change your lifestyle. You're super hyped and right off the bat, you go to the GYM and grab the heaviest weight you can handle and start going all out.

 Eventually, your muscles begin to ache,  and you finally stop when the pain is too much. After a few minutes of rest, the soreness goes away and you feel good to go again. 
Muscle Soreness

Same goes for running. The faster and longer you run for, the more sore your legs begin to feel. This immediate soreness, known as acute muscle soreness, happens when you work out very vigorously, causing chemical and fluid buildup in the muscle tissue. The muscle start losing power and the soreness get worse, but the soreness goes away after resting for several minutes. 

Then 8 hours or so after your workout, you start feeling a different soreness in your muscles. It isn't too bad but it definitely hurts. 24 hours later your muscles start get to really sore, to the point that you can barely even move! This is known as Delayed onset muscles soreness, or DOMS for short. 

If you're a regular into the fitness world you're probably familiar with DOMS. but if you're new doms can catch you off guard and even scare you way from ever working out again. The cause of doms is from eccentric contraction, or when a muscle become longer while under tension. 

An example would be the descending portion of biceps curl, causing the biceps brachii muscle to tighten. The exact cause of pain from DOMS is unknown but the most widely accepted reasoning is that during these eccentric  movements very small tears happen in the muscle at a cellular level.

Painreceptors in the muscles then send pain signals to the brain and calcium. builds up in the muscle, causing inflammation. There are several ways to relief the pain from DOMS,  including a long list of things you can consume. A study in 2010 shows that the individuals taking suppliment of amino acid L-glutamine were able to significantly relieve the effect of DOMS. 

In 2013, a study shows that the ingesting caffeine 1 hour before exercise were able to significantly decrease pain from DOMS on the second and third days following workout. The only catch is that you'll need to ingest 400mg of caffeine, which is equal to about 2-3 cup of coffee. For late night exercise, this might be not good idea. other supplement that have shown to help alleviate DOMS are 
1.  Creatine   
2.  Fish oil
3.  Taurine
4.  Branch chained amino acid       
5.  Citrulline malate.

But to really alleviate. DOMS , it's less about what you take and more about what you do. The best way to alleviate DOMS long term is to progress slowly into new exercise program, Giving muscle enough time to adapt to the new stress being placed. Going with lighter weight in begging is the magical ingredient. Over time, soreness from DOMS can disappear completely as long as muscle is continuously exercised. Studied has also shown that the self-massage in the form of foam rolling, can alleviate DOMS as well. 

Recovery tip for soreness

In a study research found that foam rolling exhausted muscles anywhere between an hour to six hour after workout significantly alleviate muscles soreness the next day, making foam rolling a staple workout equipment for individual susceptible to soreness. But the most important thing you can do in order to alleviate DOMS, especially when beginning a new program, is getting plenty of sleep. The body recovers from daily activities the most when asleep , which will also help in recovering from muscle soreness and DOMS. 

Not sleeping enough can cause DOMS to last longer that it should, so make sure to get all the rest you can!!! What other ways have you dealt with muscle soreness after your workout???

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