Train Your Chest With Pull Up Variation

How To Train Your Chest With Pull Ups ?
Pull up for chest

What is the best pull up variation to train your chest?

May be you now thinking is this guy kidding me. A pull up is mostly about the lats, the arms and the back but not about the chest. Well today i gonna show you how you can train your chest with some pull up variation. You might be doing some of them. 

To increase tension on your chest pecs with pull ups i have some technique you can incorporate in your workout program. 
You can take advantage when you do pull ups.
  • Instead of overhand using underhand grip.
  • Instead of wide grip choose a narrow grip.
  • Instead of pulling your elbows backwards as much as you can fix them in front of your body.
  • Instead of extending your spine aim for a hollow body position.
With all those pints your will have the best possible pull up variation when it comes to the chest activation.

How pull up works for chest?

If you do a wide pull up you would move origin and insertion apart from each other and this is counterproductive to the optimal chest activation.

You also pull both arms from above your head to the front of your body if your would pull your arms back to a total extension like you do it in a Body Row or an Arch Back  Pull Ups  You would move the origin and insertion away from each other.

But if your arms from above your heads to your horizontal position you will activate your chest instead of stretching it.

The Hollow Body and the Underhand Grip are also important to trigger you complete anterior chain and to optimize the movement .

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