The Archer Push Up

Archer Push ups
Archer Push up

One of best and easy calisthenics push exercise which help you strengthening your arms, chest and push movement. A great easy progression to achieve harder progression like One Arm Push Up. You wanna incorporate this exercise in your daily workout routine.

The most asked question about this exercise how archer push is beneficial for chest workout routine ?
and the answer is 
The archer push ups is a special exercise because it utilizes a pushing motion as well as a spreading motion. So you're gonna be targeting the middle area of your chest but you're also gonna be horizontally spreading.

 Which is gonna be targeting the interior and exterior portions of your pecs. So that a great move and on tip of all that you're isolating each side so you're really putting a greater overload on your chest.

 By doing it this way and you're  also gonna be having them working out separately. Which is gonna ensure that both sides are equally being trained and that should help cure any muscle imbalances that you have going on.

Archer Push up variation

You can get most out of it by simply changing the lever and angle. As you known variation of any exercise help you to target those muscle you are not able to engage with simple one.

Incline Archer push up
This variation is good start for beginner because it's easy to do archer push up in incline way.

Decline Archer push up
When you master the incline variation and you want to make it harder you can simply change the angle with putting your feet on high surface like chair or bench.

Type-Writer Push up
This is little bit harder because this is dynamic move. You have to move your body without coming up. 

Other variations
You also use other variation by placing a prop under your hand.

If you want to incorporate this exercise in your routine let me know via comment. And to know  how you can incorporate checkout this Home Chest Workout Routine 

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