Incline Leg Raise With A Pulse Up For Lower Abs

Incline Leg Raise

Leg Raises

So, lets start with one of the most efficient lower abs exercise that you're probably not doing It's called an Incline leg raise with a pulse up. 

So the incline angle of this movement presents an advantage that most hanging and lying flat down movements don't have. Meaning Incline leg raise are going to be far more efficient than regular leg raises done flat on your back.

Because with regular flat leg raises you can only bring your legs up to about 60 degree before the tension comes off  of your abs once you go past that and get closer to 90 degree your bones begin to carry the load instead of your lower abdominal muscles that you're trying to target. 

Also as you lower your legs back down the tension quickly switches to your hip flexors before you even get back to your neutral starting position.

The regular hanging leg raises are also not quite effective because when you're perfectly vertical. It's once again easy to incorporate a lot more of your hip flexors into the movement.

There is a modified way to perform hanging leg raises in which you can target your lower abs much more effectively.
The Incline bench I want you to understand that you're getting a perfect angle to target the ABS. 

How to do Incline Leg Raise?

To do this exercise you would use the same bench that you would use for decline situp except instead of having your legs above your heads.

Your head is gonna be above your legs. For this reason you're gonna need to hold on to something behind your head in order keep yourself from sliding down then bench.

Once you're in position with your hands gripping something above or behind your  head.

You're raising your legs straight up all the way until your feet are pointed up toward the ceiling.

Once your feet are directly pointed toward the ceiling you're gonna do a pulse up by raising your hips and whole lower body off the bench up towards the ceiling in a straight line.

Don't bring your feet and leg behind your head while doing this.
Keep them straight up towards the ceiling the whole time.

After the pulse up slowly lower your hips back down to the bench and then lower your legs back done almost all the way until you touch the bottom of the bench and then go right back up.

Why Incline Leg Raise is better then other ?

With the very first rep you'll notice how much more of a range of motion you'll get out of this exercise versus regular fat or regular hanging leg raise movement as you progress with this exercise you could try to add a weight between your feet as well to make it even more challenging.

But due to the fact this movement is much more challenging than regular leg raises. It'll take you some time to build up and to progress to the point where you can actual add a weight.

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