How Much Rest Between Sets ? For Gain And Strength

How much rest between sets

You slap on the plates, get on the bench crank out your 10 reps and then........ You wait and sometimes you're sitting there thinking "How long am I suppose to wait for until I start my next sets?"
"How much you should rest between sets?"

If you are in hurry the ans in long rest like 3 minutes help you more in your muscle gain program because this help you to do more reps and lift more weight. To go deeper and still want to know How? continue reading.

Now, some of you might have heard that you need to rest about 1 minutes if you want to build muscle and 3 minutes for getting stronger. But now there's a new study that challenges this belief.

Fitness expert Brad Schoenfeld  author of  also know as the "Hypertrophy Specialist" for his extensive of extensive work in muscle growth research, tackled this exact question with his colleagues with a new study from the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research. 

They took 23 well-trained male participants, paired them based on similar strength levels, and split them into two random groups.

Each participant perform 7 common resistance training exercises to 3 set of 8 to 12 reps for eight weeks, three times a week. The only difference is one group rests one minutes and other group rest three minutes. 

After the eight weeks they found that 1 minutes group hand some good results but no too many significant changes. 

The three minutes group, on the other hand had higher improvements in all seven tests for muscle growth, two in strength gain and one in muscle endurance. The better strength gains with 3 minutes rest isn't all too surprising. In fact that's what they hypothesized but what was surprising to the researchers was the higher increase in muscle growth.

So, Why is this the case?

Why is resting more better the resting less especially when the long help belief was that less rest was better for muscle growth ?

The Researchers believe that with more rest you'll be able to complete more rep which is going to increase your total work volume. A higher total work volume will allow a higher dose response effect for muscular and training adoptations. 

They do caution more research might be need to further support this theory. But for the most part given that you're training with the proper weight the extra rest should let you lift more and gain more results.

So, maybe laughing around and looking at your phone between set's isn't a bad thing. But.... still don't do that especially in the Squat rack.

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