Home Chest Workout Routine

Today, I'm gonna show you how to workout your chest from home and effectively target each part of your chest, for a complete structure routine.  

Now to make sure that you're targeting every part of your chest. You need to be engaging the Top, Middle and Bottom Portions of your pecs. 
As well as spreading your chest horizontally targeting your inner and outer pecs area.

And the best part of all is you don't need a gym to efficiently target these areas. If you're looking to add more mass and dense muscle, then the only thing you really need is to add more weight with a weight vest.

I'm gonna run you guys through a complete chest routine that will deliver real results without ever having to leave your room.

So, we're gonna start off focusing on the middle, bottom portion of chest using Explosive Push Ups. 

All of these exercise that we're about to do will engage your chest we're gonna be using certain ones to emphasize on particular areas. To make sure that you're getting that complete structure workout routine.

Explosive Push Ups
Explosive Push ups

Let's start with 20 explosive push ups real quick.
  • Start with push up position.
  • Go down
  • Be explosive when you come up
  • Don't lose your strict form.
You'll feel lot's of difference with weight vest. Rest for 30-60 sec as needed.

Inclined Push Ups
Incline Push Ups

Next exercise you wanna doing to target the upper area of your chest with some Inclined Push ups.
If you guys have a chair in your room in your house. You're gonna need that for this exercise.
  • You wanna get up and keep those hips straight.
  • Don't have that butt drop.
  • Even though your feet are up.
  • You still gotta keep that form.
  • Stay looking forward and when your come down,
  • Come down in a forward motion.
Do 20 Inclined Push ups. Rest for 30-60 sec as needed.

Archer Push Ups
Archer Push Ups

Now, we have Archer Push ups do 10 reps with each side.
It is one of the effective body weight exercise to target your middle chest although horizontally spreading.
  • You wanna start on one side.
  • Lean on that side but control your fall.
  • Go down.
  • Try to keep that other arm straight.
  • Press right back up.
Make sure you guys are doing this one correctly and have a pretty wide grip. Don't Rush It.
Rest for 30-60 sec as needed.
  • Learn more benefits of Archer Push Ups

Diamond+Regular Push Ups

This combination is deadly mass gain effect on your chest. 
Do 20 reps of Diamond+Regular push up.
  • Start with diamond grip push up.
  • Go down and complete the rep.
  • While coming up be enough explosive.
  • Switch your hand in regular push up position.
  • And again repeat this circle.
Make sure you'll enough explosive that you can easily switch grip without fall. Rest for 30-60 sec as needed.

Wide Grip Push Ups
Wide Grip Push Up

Now, we reach last exercise of this chest workout routine. This one gonna be working on that spread.
  • You get real nice and wide grip.
  • Go down.
  • Still gotta lean forward.
  • Come back up.
It would really help if your elbows are before your shoulders. You shoulders are in front of your hands. 

That's the first round and we have already successfully targeted Upper chest, Middle & Bottom chest, Interior & Exterior chest also the spreading. You should doing 3-4 sets of this routine in while you can take rest to recover your energy.

We should finish the routine right now, but you know what ?
Let's finish off with maxing out your push ups really quick without rest.

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