Why to learn back lever ? Calisthenics Workout

Why do you want to learn back lever?
Back lever

If you are in such condition to choose why to learn back lever today I am going to clear your this thought.Well after you master the basics exercise of calisthenics like pull up, push ups and handstand.

The back lever is one of the first fundamental static moves to learn in order for you to gain the core strength that will allow you to move on to more advanced calisthenics moves for an example The Planche.

The planche just like the back lever you need to be protected in the shoulders you need to have the abdominal and let muscles connection as well as connecting and contracting all your muscles as a whole in a linear horizontal line.

When you are in a back lever your hands are behind you and you are in hanging position in this position is the same muscles connection that you use when you are in planche.

The only difference is that your hands are in front and its a pushing  force instead of hanging. 

When you are activating your scapula, your back, your legs, your abs, your chest, your bicep, your triceps your forearms, your glutes even your calves and you need to be consequence of activating all this muscles simultaneously and working together to hold back lever move.
Before you beginning to learn back lever make sure you are able to do some of basic exercises. Like Skin the cat, Tucked back lever, Single leg back lever and Back lever negative.
If you want to learn how to back leaver go here.

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