Way To Do Muscle Up On Bar | Progression Guide

Why You Can't Do Perfect Muscle Up
Muscle Ups

Do you try to get your first muscle up and nothing really works with time. You try it you fail miserable it seems impossible to bring your body over the bar.

 And even if you can do it. It looks like horrible or suffering.
 If yes don't waste your time any longer let me show you how you can achieve your first muscle up or improve your form if you are already able to do some muscle up but only with slope form.

3 Point for muscle up progression 

The very first beside from the right technique a muscle up is mostly about explosive full strength.

Of course you also need a good straight body to push yourself up in the second part of the movement but the hardest part is to pull as high as possible to bring yourself over the bar.

The third thing you profit from is the good shoulder mobility and strength for the shoulder extensions especially when you move your arm behind your body.

This lead us straight to requirements.


Before you can't do a minimum of 12 clean pull up and 5 straight bar dips you shouldn't start with muscle ups.

 But even more important than the 12 reps is the ability to pull up explosive. Without necessary strength and explosiveness you won't be able to do a clean muscle up.

So work on this requirement first. Now, let's take an eye on Technique.

Technique To Achieve Muscle Up

Of course a muscle up is not only about strength it's really important to use the right technique to do perfect muscle up.

If you do a normal pull up you will never be able to pass the bar no matter how strong you are. For the muscle up it's very important to pull your body along a curve this curve bring the body away from the bar first and after that back and close to eat while you lean yourself forward.

This curves movement is the key to get your first muscle up done.

Timing And Movement

Some people try to do normal pull up and end up hitting the pull up bar with their chest other pull up their body too far away from the bar and control themselves at the top.

For the right technique you will also need to correct timing.
 The muscle up requires a little swing to move able to do curved movement.

This is very important because you have to pull at the right point to get yourself over the bar you have to pull as explosive as possible exactly when you are at front point of return.

I suggest you to practice the swing in the right movement when you initiate the pull this is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to muscle ups.

Always take care that you hold your body and attention if your upper and lower body move in two different direction otherwise you won't be able to do the movement correctly.

Normal Grip Or False Grip ?
False Grip

Now it's time to take a look at grip when it comes to explosive bar muscle ups you have to change your grip. 

When you pull yourself up very quickly you create an upward momentum. This takes your weight off of your hand for a short movement.

Exactly this is the moment when you change your grip from a hanging into a supporting position if you don't do this you won't be able to do muscle up because your hands stay under the bar while you need them above the bath to do the Dip.

There is still one exceptions to this rule if you do the bar muscle up with some kind of false group you don't have to change your group because you reached is already above the bar.
Muscle Up

If you consider all these points in your muscle up training you will be able to get your first muscle up. Once you are able to do it you have to take care that you perform it with very clean form.
Mark your progression with level

  • Level 1: Bend Knee Kick
  • Level 2: Straight Leg Kick
  • Level 3: Light Swing
  • Level 4: Perfect Muscle Up

Clean form doesn't mean that you shouldn't use any momentum or even bend your leg you need to swing to get that curve and if you aren't and strong enough to do the muscle up it still okay to bend your legs or hips to get this move letter when you progress you can do it with straight leg and only a very light swing.

Congratulation For Your First Muscle Up.

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