The MUSCLE UP Workout.

Today I am going to show you a muscle up workout routine. The muscle up workout that I did when I first started getting into muscle ups. So this work out right here really took me up to the next level.
muscle ups

 For all of you that are practicing your muscle up right now whether you can do them or you can't do them yet.
These muscle up exercise right here is going to help you. I am going to be showing a series of exercise that are gonna strength the main key point in your muscle ups.

 So the first one we have is Muscle up of course you know if you guys can do them or you can't do them go ahead with resistance band. If you guys are really good at muscle up by doing different type of muscle ups.
 The next exercise is gonna be Weighted Pull ups then we have High Pull Up from there we are going to do Negative Muscle up and we are going to finish off with some Jumping Pull ups.

Muscle Ups

So let's start of the first at some muscle ups. So if you guys can already do muscle ups excellent go for them if you guys mastered your muscle up a great thing to do for this workout would be trying to do a different style whether it will be 

  • Wide grip muscle up
  • Switch grip muscle up
  • Close grip muscle up
  • Ring muscle up

 and so forth.
Let's take an eye on Switch grip muscle up. If you guys can't do muscle up yet just use a resistance band.
 If you guys are working on switch grip its grate for really strengthening each arm for the muscle ups individually. 

Weighted Pull ups

I chose this exercise right here it's because I mean half of the muscle up is being able to have a strong pull up.Weighted pull will lift you there.
 When you take off the weight it's gonna feel way lighter and you can do way more.
 Choose whatever weight is comfortable for you but that challenge you to hit like I would say like about five reps.

 If you guys need to take a break in between each exercise go for it. I suggest 1-2 minutes rest is good enough.

High Pull Ups

High pull ups

This move right here is going to take a bit of technique so if you guys have read How to train for Muscle up you would have seen this technique.
 So when you doing high pull ups think of them as doing it like this almost like a push up the opposite of push up your scapula would be coming back instead of letting down.
 From this you are only going to reach up to your neck. By pulling scapula back you can reach your chest, your waistline and even higher the better you get at it.
It's all about the scapula position so to get in that position make sure scapula are rolled forward and grab the bar in that position.

Lean back grab the bar pull up as high as you can try to go for waistline.
If you guys are having some trouble with high pull up you can always best out of resistance band and tackle more reps.

Negative Muscle up

For all of you guys that still trying to get muscle up. This is probably by for one of the best move you can do.
 This move help you get you strict muscle up that muscle up that you can just pull straight up get to the top without any momentum this will help you.
So the better you get it coming down and controlling that decent as slow and control as you can the stronger your muscle up is going to become.
 If you have never been able to do a muscle up I would highly suggest start doing this. Muscle up are gonna be breeze.

If you guys can already do muscle ups this is gonna make muscle up a hundred time easier. This is like one of the fundamental.
 Don't neglect this move.

  • Go on top
  • Try to get down as floor and control as you can
  • Lean over 
  • Control that all the way to the bottom

That transitions that you guys feel in between middle of muscle up for pushing or pulling that's the one you guys really wanna get the slowest make sure when you do it your elbows are in.

Jumping Muscle UP

Normally you want to do something like this when you are completely gassed out. 
As you can see we are basically working like a pyramid we are starting with the hardest most advanced move first and then we are slowly progressing it down. 
All the move are still gonna be hard and challenging but it's gonna allow you to perform them at the capacity that you are at in that moment.

 So let's start jumping muscle ups again whether you can do them or not this is going to clean up your phone because it's gonna get you use that motion.

This is the only first round you guys wanna really try to do this round at least four times.
 I promise regardless just get started and you are gonna be doing this and muscle up and the whole lot more in no time. So do this muscle up exercise to get your muscle up to master your muscle up or to just take your muscle up to the next level.

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