Plyometrics Exercises to become stronger.

How to become stronger.

pylometric exercises

If you want to become stronger and explosive with plymotrics exercises and you don't know how you can incorporate with your workout plan go check this out  How to get Stronger  because today I am gonna show you different ways that you can incorporate explosive training into your exercise with this routine. And for the first exercise to do explosive pull ups, how to do this with different pulling levels? 
So, if you can not yet do at least 10 normal pull ups then you should just focus on Plyometrics exercises and explosive training. Now lets go to 

Australian Pull ups

You can use rings or bar for Australian pull ups.
How to do:
  • Make an 60 degree angle with floor.
  • Make sure your both on rest on ground.
  • Pull yourself up at the bar or rings.
  • Come down but control negativity.
  • Repeat to reach your goal.
Work on this until you can do at least 15 real pull ups and once you can do this then you are ready for explosive pull ups

Explosive Pull ups

Start with a dead hang. From this dead hang pull up to your chest and try to explode and get as much hang time as you can as possible. Make sure you don't swing at all. Don't use any momentum that defeats the whole purpose of explosive training. 
From dead weight pull as hard as you can, control the negative.
If you have trouble doing this you can start by doing reps of one every thirty seconds.

Switching Grip Pull ups

Now, move on switching grip pull ups. Be as explosive as possible with one hand them coming down as controlled as possible. 
Start with dead hang position and you can choose any grip at first.
Then pull yourself with explosiveness and switch the one hand grip in air. Again pull yourself and switch grip with alternate hand.
Always try to be explosive but make sure you don't loose your strict form. 

Now move into pushing and a great introduction exercise for this is gonna be 

Diamond to Regular to Wide push ups

If you wanna start using this exercise make sure you are able to do at least 15 consecutive push ups. And if you can 15 or more push up just get into this.
Start with diamond push up. Be ecplosive enough that you reach the normal position of a push up when you came down control the descend fall. Now go for wide push up with same explosiveness make sure control the descend. Return to normal and then diamond.

You can incorporate this technique with any push up variation as long as you're using strict form. Being as explosive as you can at the beginning and control the negative.

Now i'm gonna show you how to bring it the legs lets start with box jump

Explosive box jump

Box jump not only strong your legs this plyometrics exercise also help you to be fast. You can also use box jump variation to target particular muscles or for unilateral training.
You can use a box or some higher surface. Start this with jumping from your both feet at once over the box. Make sure to be as explosive as possible but you gotta keep in form and control the negative. Also try single leg box jump and before doing this make sure you are able do to at least 5 pistol squats. 

Explosive Dips

Get explosive with it push off as hard as you can and you also can try as high as you can but don't sacrifice how high you go for your form. Keep your form super solid keep you're core tight. It's better to work on perfect reps than creating an building sloppy reps. Before getting into explosive dips make sure that you can do at 12 consecutive reps.

You are gonna get way to stronger and you'll build solid foundation but you're actually gonna start being strong and that's how you can train with plymoteric exercises.
Now move to the last plyometric exercise 

Explosive Burpees 

This is what i call The Laziness Killer
This move gonna make you super explosive it's gonna kill your laziness which probably why a lot of people are pretty a lazy they never wanna do this move. But I highly recommend this move so let's go ahead for explosive burpess.
Now, of course you guys are doing burpees you have to maintain perfect form and go at your own pace but of course remember you should be as explosive as possible. While going up jump as high as you can and when you came down try to do a squats also because variation makes you better and stronger.

Dip To Full Planche

This is one last move as a bonus. How you can apply explosive training a little differently. Now, for this move you got gonna to not release your grip but still you can be as explosive as possible. The key it to try to feel a sense of urgency from the very beginning and to explode with as much power you can from a dead position. Now, from hang position where you're swinging cause the strength, power and explosiveness out of the movement. 

How to can apply that into more harder progression that you can't go at start with dip position and explode as hard as you can just to reach the end stage of the full planche.

If you have any further Question just leave a comment.

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