Everything you must know about Plank exercise

plank exercise

The plank is simple but effective total body exercise. The beauty of plank is you can do it only with your body weight with a lot of variation. The plank exercise is popular for core workout and also as a full body workout. You can change the pressure or affect just by changing in lever. But it should be done in perfect position else you can't get 1 percent benefits of Plank. To master it you should take an eye on the following
  • Body Position
  • Shoulder Blade Movement
  • Head Position
  • Arm Position

Body Position

The first thing you have to take care of it's the body position. Don't hold you body too low or too high sim for a nearly horizontal body position and stead.

Shoulder Blade Movement

The next point is to shoulder blade movement always aim for protracted shoulder in other words push your shoulder blade toward the ground until  you build slightly rounded upper back.
A plank is nearly useless if you fall into an arch back position so, always ground the toes into the floor. Squeeze the backward to engage your abs. This is an absolute core workout.

Head Position

When we take a look at the position of the head you should must avoid an over extension just stat your chin and look to ground.

Arm Position

The arm position can be right but you can get more from plank by rotating your arm outwards as much as you can to activate your rotator cuff muscles.

Plank Variation 

Now that we got all the important points and if you can hold a plank for one minutes you can try harder version to make it more intense and challenging instead of just holding it longer. 

Here you can increase the lever by walking back walking by feet. You can do this on your forearms or your hands but you should know that the more you increase the lever the more your chest and core have to work to.
Always remember not to fall in an arch back if this happen the movement is still too hard for you and you should decrease it. 
You can also do the Knee to Elbow Plank & Balance Plank to challenge yourself in different ways. 

Watch yourself the next time you do the plank exercise. Be honest with yourself if your position is not perfect by correcting it you should feel big difference with the intensity.

We wish you much fun and success to improve yourself and are open for further question and discussion in the comment.

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