How To Train For Muscle Ups

Before your read this make sure your check out Muscle Up Guide  this because we cover some basic there to build your strength and to achieve muscle up. 
Muscle Ups

Point we discussed before

  • Why you can't do Muscle Up
  • 3 Points for Muscle Up Progression
  • Requirement 
  • Technique
Point we gonna discussed today
  • Transitions
  • Common Mistakes
  • How to train for Muscle Ups


Another factor is transitions to practice this movement you can do Russian tips because they have a similar movement to the transitions in the upper arm make sure you do them control but exclusively there still some points which are No-Gos that you should avoid for any cost.

Common Mistakes

 One of them are out flared elbows as with any other push movement it's very important to let your elbow Backwards.

 It's OK to do wide or narrow grip muscle up but if you do it without flared elbow you will increase the risk of damage your shoulder and elbows.
 That is because this position put unnecessary stress to your joints and is also less effective for your muscles.

And not a huge and also common muscles up mistake is bringing one arm after the other over the bar instead of doing it at the same time. 
This often happens to people who only can do a few muscle up and still lack in technique or strength. Don't do muscle up if you aren't able to bring both arms in equal motion over the bar.

 You will only force your body to adopt this bad technique and you will get unnecessary pressure to your joints.

 If you aren't able to do it with clean form you could use a resistance band to improve your strength and technique first.

It's also possible to do it with a partner the good thing about the partner is that he can apply the exact amount of support and when you get stronger he can decrease the support step by step.

Negative Muscles up
The last mistake people make is to do negative muscles up the negative muscle up is not wrong in general but it's totally useless if you want to do it explosive or muscle ups.

 You will need explosive full strength to get over the bar and not a slow perform eccentric movement in a slow negative muscle up you emphasize the transitions while you literally skip the transitions when you do the explosive muscle up.

If you want to do a slow false grip muscle ups negatives are number one exercise to do but for an explosive one there is no sense to do negative muscle up

Now you know all the important right technique requirement and the common mistakes the only which is left is How To Train For Muscle Up 

How To Train For Muscle Ups

If you meet the requirement I suggest you to start the training with 

  • Muscle Up
  • Explosive Pull Ups
  • Deep Straight Bar Dips Towards

When it comes to muscle up you should choose the progression which allow you to do your reps with clean form.
 You can reach that by using a resistance band or by a partner like I mentioned before even if you already do a few muscle up don't go past the point where you sacrifices form for reps.

 I suggest you to aim low range with high amount of sets and long rest.

Here an example:

If you are able to do 4 clean reps with a band now you only do 2 reps but for 8 to 10 sets and at least with 2 to 3 minutes rest in between.
Make sure to never fatigue with this. In this way you can do it very often better to the technique as it you exhaust yourself in every session. 

Once you are able to do more clean reps you can do it without band and later if you can do without band you can decrease the volume a bit and go closer to your limits. 

Change the progression when you get stronger you can do this between 3 to 5 times a week but of course it also depends on how you your whole workout program looks like.
 Always take care you get enough rest and let your body adapt slowly it's very common people get elbow or shoulder problem while doing muscle up this is because they are the do it with bed form or start to fast from 0 to 100%.

Congratulation For Your Muscle Ups
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