How To Progress In Calisthenics | Fast Result

One of the biggest problem in calisthenics is that it's difficult to make the exercise more or less challenging. When you use free weight you can simply add or remove weight in very precious steps.

When you use your body weight only you can't increase or reduce your weight so you have to change other things to make a training more effective.

Today I gonna give you most comprehensive overview you can get to progress fast and make the most out of your training and get a better result in very less time.
Calisthenics Progression And result

Eccentric training

The first point is eccentric training if you can't do an exercise yet you can try it only do the negative part of the movement.

The negative aka the eccentric part is easier than the positive one so you can use it to build up strength until you are able to do a complete rep.
Always keep in mind that eccentric raining is very challenging for your body.
 If you only do eccentric of hard exercises that you can't do yet.
 Your body will need more time to recover so be prepared for sore muscles.

For better results I suggest you to mix eccentric training with an easier progression of the exercise you want to learn.
 This takes a straight to the next point which is about the progression.


Calisthenics is all about changing and adopting the exercise to your current level of performance.
One of the tools to do this is changing the lever you can change the lever by extending are tucking your body or by changing the angle.

Exercise like Push ups, Planks and Body Row are perfect for this kinds of method.

Unilateral training.

Another way to make exercises more challenging is unilateral training. Unilateral training means that you only use one arm, one leg or one side of your body.

 Of course it's a huge step from doing exercise with both limbs to an execution with only one of them. The gap between those two progression is so huge that it's necessary to add other progressions in between.

So, if you are able to do a couple of pull ups or push ups, you can try archer movement to make these exercises more challenging.

When you do archer movement you bend your one limb and leave the other one straight. Due to the longer lever one straight arm or leg can't produce that much strength as the bend one. 
So the focus is on a bench side and the straight side only support the movement.

Uneven Movement

When it comes to pull ups you can also change the progression by doing an uneven movements.

For that you can use ring bands or even a towel.

Using workout tools.

The last point You can do to progress in calisthenics is using workout tools.

Weight belt for weight vest

 One of the effective workout tool is a weight belt or a weight vest Of course using additional weight are not pure calisthenics but they can really help you for improving at different exercises especially when you are stuck in between two progressions.

Resistance band

If you want basic exercise like pull ups or dips is here I suggest you to use resistance bands.
The bands will take off a part of your weight and makes the exercise easier.

The only negative part about the bands is that they don't have the same support through the complete range of motion.
So when you do a pull up the band will support you more in lower part of the movement then in the upper part.

But when you do a day it optimal because in deep you really need support in lower part.

If you want to learn skills choose a heart but not too hard progressions if you can't hold us kill for a couple of second choose on easier one. If you have further question leave a comment.

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