How to get stronger? [Plyometrics Exercise]

Getting Stronger
How to get stronger [Plyometric Exercises]

If you are willing to getting stronger and want to how to get stronger? I'm gonna tell the best and easy way you can add in any workout that's gonna get you strong and it's gonna help you progress a whole lot faster. And that is adding explosive training or you can say Plyometrics exercises.

Explosive training as component in your workout program.When you're training with explosiveness you're activating your fast twitch muscle fibers. Your fast twitch muscle fibers are main muscle fibers that use for powerful bursts of movement. Such as sprints, normally exercises with a sense of urgency and you're trying to exert as much energy at the very start of the exercises. Being as explosive as possible kinda like the movement.
When you got at the top of Muscle ups  be as explosive as possible to force your body to go in the air as high as possible. Which also gonna be good reference to know how hard you're pushing. The higher you go the harder you are pushing of course. So, basically the more force that you use at the beginning of an exercise, that gonna lead to more power and explosivity. Although these muscle fibers give out a lot sooner than your slow twitch muscle fibers the muscle fibers that are mainly active when you are training endurance style having more strength and power is gonna have you progress on to harder exercises a whole lot easier. That's why i recommend Plyometrics Exercises explosive training is gonna help you progress a whole lot faster and help you to become more stronger.

Let's have an eye on these example
  • When you do ten explosive push ups is probably gonna feel a lot harder than 20 normal push ups. So, if you're training 10 explosive reps every single time versus just doing them normal.
You are going way more strength and power from that so now you are getting strong an explosive. You are training your fast twitch muscle fibers and you're gonna eventually increase your endurance too.
So, you see the more intense you make these exercises than you do'em with normal intensity. It's gonna feel a whole lot easier and you're gonna be able to progress a whole lot faster. Cause if you push or pull with same force to reach the same amount of reps ever single time. You basically limiting the same amount of strength that you're gonna get. 
Train the same and remain the same
This why the key is to consistently increase the intensity of how much you pull or push over time. And another thing I can tell you guys from personal experience is that once I started incorporating explosive training Plyometrics exercises. All the other move that felt impossible started felling actually possible and eventually i can do them.
When you train explosiveness with Planche, 
Full planche push ups gonna too easy for you. And if you train explosive with muscle ups 
- Strict form and explosive muscle ups are not felt so hard for you.

So, that's one major thing that you can do to any exercise, any workout that's gonna have you get a whole lot stronger and it's gonna help you progress a whole lot faster.
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