Calisthenics Shoulder Workout For Strength And Mobility

 Shoulder Workout
Shoulder Workout

Do you love calisthenics and want build want to know calisthenics shoulder workout to progress in your exercises like handstand or Front lever. Strong shoulders are not only about big deltoid muscles the shoulder is very complete joint and a lot of muscles from your upper body are involved in every moment you do with it a strong shoulder is mobile stable and free of pain. the shoulder is a muscle stabilized ball and socket joint and muscles like lats and text the complete rotator cuff and even the long head of your biceps and triceps play a big role in your shoulder strength mobility and stability.
To understand how the shoulder joint works we have to take an eye on the movement that we can do with it. You shoulder can move in different ways you can do the extensions and flexion. The abduction and the addiction. And the internal and external rotations. The combination of all these movement is what makes us shoulder so Complex and unique. To build a strong shoulder you should be able to move freely through all this position and should also be able to stabilize them more shoulder problems occur because of too little stabilization by too much pressure or throw unbalance notes to avoid that we will show you different exercises which will build bulletproof and healthy shoulders.

How to improve shoulder mobility and strength?

 1. Exercise With Resistance Band 
One of the best exercises you can do is done with resistance band you can do all movement we discuss about by the shoulder gets through all the mentioned position. This will keep your shoulder mobile and strong

 2. Exercise with Stick
To work on your shoulder extensions and flexion you can use the stick a towel or a band. Leave your spine as neutral as possible and only use your arms the shoulder flexion will help you to get a better handstand and the shoulder extension can help you with the transition for the muscles and keep in your mind that it's ok if your range of motion is limited. In beginning work with the what is possible for you and improve yourself step by step.

 3. Reverse Plank Bridge
Another great exercise to work and shoulder extension is the Revers Plank Bridge. You switch between a passive and an active movement aim for shoulder wide-grip and straight arm.
- The Back Bridge
- One Arm Back Bridge
- The Downward Dog
are also great to open up the shoulder and to improve your handstand and stretch your pecs, lats and long head of the biceps.

 3.  Handstand Shoulder Blade Movement
Another strengthening exercises done directly in the handstand position kick up with your belly facing the wall and push your shoulder blade up and down infiltrate arms and neutral spine.

4. Prone Position Arm Movement
To work on your shoulder strength you can also include some circle by lying in the prone position take care of you don't over extend your spine this is not archer. the goal is to move your arms from the front to the back and rotate them during the movement.

Before we move on the exercise on the pull up bar here is a general tip.

"When you do a pushup a plank or even pull up you should aim for external rotation this is most stable position or your shoulder and you will avoid injuries in your long terms."

5. Shoulder Blade Movement On Bar
On the pull up bar you are starting with the active and passive help you hang from a bar pull your shoulder blades down and together release the tensions slowly and repeat. it's also possible to do it with one hand and add rotation to it. This is more advanced exercise so start with a passive and active hand on both on first.

6. Skin The Cap
Last exercise on the bar skin the cap this is one of the most comprehensive exercise. In the first part your hand on the bar and take your knees this open up your shoulder because it turns your pelvis backward. This hang alone is great for shoulder flexion and stretch your lats and your pecs from there you pull yourself up and bring your body to the second part of the movement.
 The transitions from the first to the second part activates a lot of muscles in your shoulder and around your shoulder blades in the backward pollution you will improve your shoulder extensions you can use an over and under hand grip but the underhand grip will allow you to wide range of motion and will stretch your legs and let's long head of the bicep more as over grip.

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