Calisthenics Back Exercises For Back Muscles.

Exercise for back Muscles
Back exercises

Sculpting a bigger and more important the stronger back comes with long list of benefits for one you will stand taller. Training your back targets common weak spot and leads to a better posture. Doing back exercises also help you to stabilize your shoulder joints because a lot of muscles of your back approach to the shoulder or the shoulder blade. Another benefits from back training and especially from the exercises we will show you is that you train a lot of muscles at the same time. The back contains some of the biggest and strongest muscles of the upper body. Today we will show you a complete back workout routine which consist of four exercises.

Front Lever Raise
Front lever

The first and the hardest one is front lever raise. If you are able to do this exercise with complete extended legs you can adopt the difficulty to your level by simply changing the lever. If the full lever raise is too hard  do one leg raise if this is also too hard do the truck version. It's also possible to do full room lever raise or stopped in the horizontal position.
When you do lever raise always let your  arms extended don't betray yourself by bending your arms pull your shoulder blades down and bring them together. The strength come from your back and shoulder and not from your biceps. It is also important to do it without momentum control the movement the whole time without swinging. The last mistake you should avoid is the band hip. If you are not strong enough don't cheat by decreasing the lever by raising only your legs. Extend your spine and your legs as much as possible. Your body should be straight as a ruler and under the complete tension. 

Pull ups
Pull ups

The next exercise in this routine is to pull up here you can also vary the difficulty to your current level of performance. If normal pull ups quite easy for you you can work with an additional weight if not you can make the exercise easier by using a resistance band or by placing your feet on a box. When you do pull ups always try to put your shoulder blades downward and together and try to bring your chest to the bar. Always aim for full range of motion and don't use any movements like swinging and kicking.

Body row
body row

The next exercise is the body row here you can adjust the difficulty by placing the body more vertical or more horizontal. The vertical the easier the more horizontal the harder it gets. 
Always aim for straight body and bring your shoulder blade together when you do the movement as well as the pull up avoid any kind of half rep and don't lose your body tension.

Arch up

Last exercise the Arch up. Here you should aim for the complete extension of your shoulder posterior chain tuck your chin place your arms in U-shape and bring your shoulder blades together do the movement slow and control instead of as quick as possible.

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