Best Cardio Machine For Fat Loss

You are looking to lose some body fat and you decide to incorporate some cardio session to help you do it a little faster so you walk into the gym looking for a machine that produce the best results are you might even be thinking about buying and cardio machine for your house.
 In either case you see all kinds of different pieces of cardio equipment to choose from Treadmill, Stair Climber, Elliptical bikes and Rowing machines are just couple of options that you can choose.

 So which one do you choose which one is best for burning fat well that's what I will help you answer in today's article.

Let's start first with some science unfortunately there is very limited amount of research available when it comes to comparing different pieces of cardio machinery and the effect that they actually have on fat loss and this is because for one its very difficult to attribute fat loss directly do cardio because cardio isn't the only thing that affects fat loss.
 Obviously your diet plays a huge role, cardio gives you ability to eat more too. While it's still burning fat but you can't actually burn all the fat you want just by dieting alone they also other factors like 

  • How active you are throughout the day? 
  • How fast  you're resting metabolism? 

And this factor make it very difficult to set up a study that can show a directly relationship between cardio and pounds lost on the scale.

 But what we do know is that if we get our heart rate higher and keep it elevated for longer portion of your workout will burn more calories per minute show one study that was published in journal of Fitness Goat it compare 6 different cardio machine and the effect that they had on heart rate as well as the total calories burnt during the training session in this study the look at.

The researchers found that the treadmill produce the highest heart rate and it has highest rate of energy expenditure meaning it founded the most amount of calories.
 The stair climber come in as a very close second producing the second highest heart rate. The rowing machine and skiing machine for pretty tired for third followed by Cycling bike and Airdyne bike.

 When compared directly to cycling the treadmill required 40% more energy expenditure then the bike at the same intensity level.
 40% is definitely a significant difference so does it that means everyone should just spend all the time on treadmill?

 The answer is no because there are other factor that play hair that make the best cardio machine for you a very individual and personal choice so, I have come up with 5 quick question that you can ask yourself to find out which cardio machine is actually best for you.

Which Cardio Machine Is Enjoyable?

Number one and most important is which cardio machine do you actually enjoy doing or if you don't enjoy any of them which one do you hate the least.

This should be the very first question you ask yourself because even if you do burn more calories on the treadmill but you hate doing it so much that you never use it well that's not going to help you burn very much fat at all.

 If you enjoy you are your weekly cycling class so much that you never miss a single workout but whenever you plan to go running outside you find an excuse not to then cycling is way better for you then using a treadmill.

You want to select of form of cardio that you will actually be able to stick to the long haul. And don't think only inside the box to choose only from cardio machines that I already talked about Swimming Boxing and Hiking are all perfect example to cardiovascular activities that you actual might enjoy so much that they become effortless for you to stick to.

Which Cardio Muscle Use Most of Muscle At Same Time?

Second question is out of all the cardio machine you enjoy which one required you to stand up and which one of the most muscle at the same time.
 The reason why you are asking this question is because when intensity level are equal the cardio machine that required you to stand up like treadmill and stair climber will burn more calories
than cardio machine that allow you to sit down like cycling or a bike.


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Also whenever you involve multiple joints and multiple muscles grow into a movement you typically burn more calories from that movement so when we compare the Rowing Machine to Cycling.
 Rowing will typically allow you to burn more calories when in intensity level are equal since you are using large upper body muscle like your back as well as your legs.

Which Cardio Machine Helps In Muscle Growth?

Next you will want to ask yourself whether you are looking to just burn fat from your cardio workout or if you also want to simulate some muscles growth as well.

 I constantly told people to incorporate weight training into their workout. Since building muscles is one of the most important thing you can do to burn fat and keep it off. It's so important that I always say that you should prioritize weight before cardio for testing purpose.

 The problem is that a lot of people especially women is simply don't lift weight because they are afraid of getting bulky which is by the way a myth. Or they don't do it because they just hate doing it. 

If you not incorporating weight you should try to go for cardio machine that simulates your heart as well as your muscle the Stair Climber machine is perfect to improve the muscles in your lower body or using treadmill incline work similar and drawing cycling at higher intensity and distance level can help you do this as well.

Which Cardio Machine Is Best For Your Joints?

If have bad knees and you choose to do the treadmill just because it can help you burn more calories you may not be able to burn more calories full long enough to notice any changes to your body.

 What I mean is that there are certain cardio machine that are high impact and other that are low impact if you have issues with your joint you want to choose lower impact activities like cycling and rowing because you will be able to do them without having to take long period of time to let your joints recover.

Which Cardio Machine Handle at high Intensity?

Which form of cardio are you able to handle at high intensity.
You are going to be able to do certain cardio workout at high intensity level then other don't be fooled into believing that there are certain intensity level.

 You want to aim for to hit your target heart rate zones so that you could burn more fat this is myth the higher the intensity level you can handle the more calories and fat will burn. 

There will be certain machine and cardio workout that you can perform at high intensity level like you can perform treadmill at regular pace of 5 miles/hour for 30 minutes and authenticity you can change up to 8 mile/hour only 10 minutes. This will help you to increase your intensity and burn fat easily and you can also choose body-weight workout like Skipping and Running.

One more thing to ask yourself when choosing a piece of cardio machine which is you will be able to stick to constantly that's it guys. I really hope this article has helped you out I wish there was a universal answer for everyone but by asking this five question you will be able to find the right answer specially for yourself.

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