Beginner guide for Planche [Calisthenics Workout]


In today's article, I will show you how to start training for planche as beginner. Planche is one of the hardest exercise or skill in calisthenics world. It need regular practice with time to time recovery. In planche you have to control your body with only straight arms and your body should parallel with grounds. If you do your training in hurry without warm up and completing basic progression this can lead you for short or long term injuries.

The hardest part in the beginning is to get into the tucked planche position. Once you're able to hold the tucked planche for a bit you can go on with the training the usual progression.
Beside the tucked planche there are the following progressions
  • The Advanced Tuck 
  • The One Leg Planche
  • The Straddle Planche
  • The Full Planche
I recommend you before stepping ahead in your routine make sure you are able to hold a progression for tat least 30 seconds before you go on the next progression.
In this article we are only focusing on how you can achieve the ability to hold tucked planche progression and strengthening.

* Before you start with the planche training you will need a minimal basic strength. Checkout this with your target

✔️ More than 30 narrow push ups
✔️ 20 Dips 
✔️ 60 second Handstand on the wall
if you can do these exercises you can start with the regularly planche training.

Tuck Planche

To be able to reach the tucked planche position it's very important that you concentrate on completely straight arm every time you train.
Imagine how  you push your shoulder blades forward and push with straight arms against the ground. In this way you stabilize your shoulder joints and activate the muscles that are necessary to hold a planche one day.
All right let's go to the exercises 

Planche Lean
Planche lean

A good exercise to start is the planche lean. With that you can get closer to the right position step by step. The more you lean forward the harder this exercise gets. Now your shoulder girdle gets more loads because the shoulder is not right above the wrist but it's placed in front of them.

Frog stand & Advanced Frog stand
Frong stand

The frog stand and advanced frog stand are some more good exercises for the beginning. When doing the frog stand your inner thighs are placed onto the elbows and arm are placed onto the elbows and arm might be bent slightly.
When you do the advanced frog stand your arms have to be straight and you lean your knows against your lower arms.

Straddle Sit

The next exercise is the straddle sit. Here you're also allowed to rest your inner thighs on the arms a bit. As soon as you feel comfortable in this position you can start truing to lean forward with your upper body and release you thighs from your arms.

Tucked Planche Swings
Tuck planche swings

This is dynamic exercises the tucked planche swings. Here you go to the tucked planche position by swinging likely into it. When your body gets used do that you try to eliminate the swings step by step and perform the movements slower and slower and more controlled.

Final exercise from handstand this exercise is similar to a planche lean. Start with the handstand position with your belly facing the wall and start walking forward in your hands. When you reach a certain point you start leaning forward and hold the position. Lean only as much forward as you are able to hold this position for a few seconds and avoid the full down after seconds.

Integrate those exercises into your workout to reach Planche position. And make sure of these two this if you adding these exercise in your routine:

5 Sets for each exercise 
30 Second time under tension in every set.
I recommend you to train those exercise at least 3 times a week.

If you have any further question just leave a comment.
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