Back Lever Progression [Calisthenics Workout]

Back Lever
Back Lever

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Today I show you the progression to achieve back lever.
And before you begin to learn this five steps that I am about to show you to master your Back lever hold you must be able to pass this requirement.

For this exercise you need to able to 
  • Hang on a bar for at least 20 second.
  • You need to be able to do at least 15 high knee raises.
  • 10 pull ups.
  •  A hanging L sit hold for at least 10 seconds.

If you got all these you can do the comfortably with perfect form then you are ready to start learning this move so there are many progression many steps to learning how to back lever i broken down into this five basic progression for you the same step I used to learn how to back lever and I am.
  • Skin to the Cat
  • Tucked Back Lever Hold
  • Back Lever Upside Down Hold
  • Single Leg Back Lever Negative
  • Back Lever Negative

And if you masters these 5 step this is going to be most efficient way for you to master your back lever.

So, the first progression I have for you is skin the cat.

Skin The Cat

This move stems off of the exercise of high knee raises so that's why that was the requirement before starting to learn this exercise. So, if you guys are having trouble with this exercise you need to go back practice high knee raises.

Before moving the next step make sure you can do the skin the cat comfortable with perfect form for at least 5 reps.

Tucked Back Lever Hold

This moves stems of of skin the cat when you do a skin the cat you lift through your arm into an inverted position where you back if flat. when you do a tuck back lever that's the position you are gonna try to hold during this exercise make sure you have a really tight grip. It's really help you have an over grip on it.

And as you going over you wanna already start looking forward try to already spot the wall as you are turning over before you even reach to that tuck back lever position.

Once you get to that tucked back lever position. You wanna         re-squeeze your body again re-squeeze your hands your core everything as tight as possible and then you are gonna try to hold that position staring at Wall keeping that core tight.

Make sure you breathing normally. You are going to try to hold that as long as you can.

Back Lever Upside Down Hold

Back lever upside down hold this movie is pretty simple and it is. This shouldn't be too much of a harder progression are hardest step to take after that tuck back lever hold but this progression is setting you up for the next step which is actually holding that straight line.

So you wanna be able to at least master holding a straight line straight upside down you wanna have a really tight grip when you are doing this exercise and just like back lever hold now you are activating your body as a whole in a linear position.

You want to be able to hold this move right there for at least 20 second get really comfortable with this move and it's gonna make the next progression a whole lot easier.

Single Leg Back Lever Negative

Single leg back lever negative so going over this exercise you wanna start off with a really strong over grip and as you go over you wanna make sure that you are already in a straight line.

That's extremely important before you begin to descend you need to make sure that your body is already super super tight and you really have that locked liner position.

What's really gonna help you that lock position in this angle?

Of your face like I said you need to start pointing that chin and starting to look in front of you as hard as you can. Start to point that chin as you start to come down you also want to start pointing your toes as hard as possible. If you are a strat stressing on two opposite ends of your body your chin and your toes that what's gonna help you keep that straight line muscle connection through out the rest of your body.

Back Lever Negative

In some case this progression even harder the actually holding a back lever and to achieve the strength to perform this progression.

You wanna make sure that you are training all the progression that I've just showed you. You can in incorporate them into your workout regimen for example back day that would be a perfect day for this.
For your technique day would be a great time to train these so the way that you actually holding back lever is by doing back lever negative over and over and over again until it gets extremely comfortable just like the back lever negative with single leg.

You are gonna dropped fast at the beginning eventually you are gonna get better at it. You are gonna hold a straight line you are getting down a whole lot slower and more control the same thing is gonna happen with this back lever negative with two feet.

And you're gonna too slow that you just stop and you hold it right in the middle. 
Congratulation For Back Lever.
If you have any further question leave a comment.

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