Planche Lean- A Step towards Planche

Planche Lean

Alex From Calisthenics Movement Performing Planche Lean

Planche Lean is a prime example of fundamental straight-arm strength.The planche lean is a necessary progression for proper straddle planche development. 

It serves as an intermediate step between planks, where your feet stay on the ground, and tuck planches, where your feet are off the ground. The planche lean position helps strengthen the serratus anterior muscles that run alongside your rib cage. 

These are responsible for protracting your scapula and keeping your entire shoulder girdle healthy and pain-free. Aesthetically, this also means that you will have the ripped and muscular look on the side of your torso, perfect to complement the chiseled pecs, six-pack abs, and bulging biceps on the rest of your.

Benefits of planche lean

The planche is one of the most impressive bodyweight feats of strength around. You won’t find too many people able to do this. Planche leans are an excellent tool for building upper body strength and an essential component of the straight arm strength, powerful shoulders, and crazy strong wrists. 

The training also carries over to help with other movements such as a press to handstand, back levers and other hand balancing skills.

How to perform planche lean

To perform a perfect planche lean there is multiple factors beside of all mistake first take a look on how to perform planche lean.
  • Begin in a plank position with your elbows locked and your shoulders stacked vertically on top of your wrists.
  • Rotate your wrists out to about 45 degrees, and turn your feet over so you are resting on the top of the foot. 
  • Now, begin to lean forward, striving to get your shoulders forward in front of your hands.

Common Mistakes

Performing planche lean in wrong form or posture will affect in negative manner of  your whole progression of Planche. So, always check these following to avoid mistakes.

  • Protracted Scapula
  • Tight straight arm
  • Do not pike your hip

Exercise For Progression

1. Pseudo Pushup