How to Increase pull ups in 4 weeks? [Calisthenics Workout]

Do you wanna increase pull ups?
Increase pull up

If your goal is to double your pull ups reps then you came to right place I promise you. If you follow the method today I'm going to share with you then I'm sure you can increase your pull ups as well as any compound increase like Push Up, Dips and legs exercises too. 
So, without wasting the time lets start right now.

To become stronger you have to practice strength one of the ways to do this is called "Greasing The Groove". Which can be described with F-Five (F5). 
  • Focused - It means to only focus on one or two exercises.
  • Flawless - It means to execute the exercise correctly.
  • Frequent - It means to train as often as possible.
  • Fresh -  It means to never train to failure.
  • Fluctuating - It means to vary the exercise itself so much of theory.
These are the method which can improve your pull ups reps and if you want to try this method into practice with pull ups try it like

✔️  Split your sets over the day 
   Plan your set for over the day including warm up and rest time. Do 5-10 sets according to your comfort. 
✔️  Only 1 set at a time 
    Only perform 1 set of maximum reps at a time and rest till next set.

✔️  30-90 min. rest between the sets
     Main goal is to recover completely so you could do you sets with 30-90 min rest between per sets.

✔️  5-10 sets each day
  The amount of your sets depends on your individual feeling you should feel fresh rested and not exhausted at all never train to failure.

✔️  30-70% of your max reps.
    Some people get better result with lower rate some with higher but never go anywhere close to pants.

✔️  5-6 times a week
    The logic behind this method is to do the exercise quite often so Five days a week is a must.

Execution & Variation 

Always take care of right execution your first rep should be as clean as the last one. It's also necessary to vary the exercise itself.    When we talk about pull ups just change the grip. 
For example you do 9 sets over the day the do in following pattern
Three sets of Overhand Grip
Three sets of Underhand Grip
Three sets with the Neutral Grip.

This method really great if you want to get stronger in a specific exercise it work best with basic and compound exercises like Pull ups, Push ups, Squats and others. 


Of course we also have to take a look at the downside.

The big concern is the risk of getting injured it if you rest over an hour. You have to warm-up again this is quite annoying because if you would do 9 sets over the day with one hour rest  in between you have to warm up 9 times a day but if you won't warm yourself up. The risk of getting injured is much  higher so, even if it's annoying always warm yourself up for every set.
It's also not best feeling to train like that you can never train to failure and you can only so one set and then rest for a long time this is very unsatisfying and can lead to frustration but only until your training pays off.

The next downside is that this kind of training is hard to combine with other exercises like i said in the beginning you can do this with one or two exercises. If you do this method only with pull ups you can't train like you would do it normally because the central nervous system get exhausted too much.

The last downside is that this kind of training is hard to implement into a normal workday. If you do nine sets with one hour rest in between you always need to have the time and you always need access to a Pull up bars if you want to try this method. Test it for about to four weeks and switch back to your normal workout after this time.

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