Crow pose for balancing

Crow Pose

Crow pose is known for various names like in Yoga "kakasana" and in the world of calisthenics it is called Frog Stand. No matter what you call the most important is how it works and why you should do Crow pose or Frog stand. This exercise help you to strengthen your wrists, shoulders and abdominal. And also improve overall body control and balance, and give you foundation to learn cool calisthenics skills like handstand, planche and V-sit. To get all the benefits of Crow pose you should need to do this in proper or regular basis. Crow pose is a challenging pose. It requires high level strength in the shoulder. It’s is great for boosting circulation. 

Benefits of Crow Pose

If you are beginner then this exercise is should be in your daily exercise goal or if you are a pro then make sure you do harder variation of this exercise. There are tons on benefits of crow pose but now we only cover most primary benefits of crow pose.
  • Build Strong Wrists 
  • Strengthen Your Shoulder
  • Helps In Balancing Skills
  • Improve Body Control and Awareness

How to do Crow Pose

  • Begin with mountain pose
  • Place your hands, shoulder width apart
  • Place your knees high up on your elbow
  • Bend your elbows, keeping them inline with shoulder
  • Lift your feet off the ground.

How Crow pose help in balancing 

The first and most target body part while performing crow pose  is Wrists. Wrists are responsible for every hand balancing skills like handstand or planche. While performing hand balance exercise you control your all body weight with your wrists and for holding a long time you need to strengthen your wrists and you can do this with Crow pose because it is easy then handstand or planche. But  it's alike of those, in this exercise you also put all your body weight on your wrists but with the support of shoulder.

The second reason of how crow pose helps in balancing is strengthen shoulder. This exercise secondary target the shoulder muscles. A solid build shoulder is like a pillar of balance and crow pose help you to build or strengthen you shoulder. When you do crow pose, you put your all lower body weight on shoulder this  put more pressure then a handstand or any other exercises. 

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