What is CrossFit ? How crossfit workout work


What is CrossFit ? 

Is this is your question i must tell you first this is not a form of exercise , CrossFit is a fitness company created by Greg Glassman  an american film producer . Greg Glassman started Crossfit and promoted this as physical exercise philosophy . CrossFit has a registered trademark CrossFit.Inc 
In 2000 Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai started this company and now in 2018 they created a wide large global community pf 13,000 people. Doing workout together become more effective and they believe this is the key for their massive success  . They organize sport event every year . 

How crossfit workout work?

Kettel bell workout

Greg Glassman designed crossfit program to improve fitness health . CossFit workout is constantly varied functional movement performed at high-intensity . 
It functional phenomena looks like a physics formula. CrossFit Inc. define this as crossfit workouts are the core movement's of life .

CrossFit workout mostly combination of high-intensity exercise .
Some of exercise are:-
  • High-Intensity interval training
  • Running 
  • Rowing
  • Body-Weight exercise ( push ups , pull ups , handstand )
  • Gymnastic 
  • Swimming 
  • Strongman
  • Power lifting
  • Calisthenics, etc.


CrossFit is like a fitness courses and CrossFit Inc. take care of this they provide paid courses in their workshop and also on online . You can registered for courses on their official site CrossFit Inc.
They divided courses in two main part which consist sub-parts.

 Trainee Course - This course offer to learn and performed workout to build your strength and endurance . 

              Courses                           Charges 

  • Level -1 course  -        $1000 USD
  • Level - 2 course -        $1000 USD
  • Kids  course       -        $1000 USD
  • Onlline Course  -   They have 6 sub-category .
  • Specialty Course - They have 23 sub-category.

They also Provide Certificate after qualify their Certified CrossFit Trainer test . If you want to apply in this you should complete their requirement , you can checkout their requirement on official site. 
If you are eligible then you can participate in test after payment of application fee which is about to $150 USD . Till now they have only one program  [ CF- L3] but in future they can add [CF-L4] .

If you know something interesting fact's about crossfit feel free to share.

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