One exercise for Six Pack [CrossFit Workout]

Six pack

If you want a steel six pack abs then you come to the right place. If you want an effective workout you have to choose the right exercises. Today I'm going share you one of the hardest workouts for a toned and strongest six pack. This workout not only build your six pack it gives you a strong core too. This exercise is one of the best to hit every muscle in your body and can be used as an advance athlete or even as a beginner if you simply change the progression and try variations. 

Ab wheel 

The abs wheel roll out will put the focus onto your abdominal muscle. You will also need a certain amount of strength in your 
to able to do it. The ab wheel roll out is an anti extension core stability exercise that strength the spine's ability to resist hyper extension. The primary muscles target by ab wheel is abdominal   and core. This exercise puts a lot of pressure on abs which lead to a toned abs formation. Because of the hardness of this exercise it must be done if proper form to get results in six pack workout.

How to do :-

Step 1. Hold ab wheel with both hand use tight grip.

Step 2. Put ab wheel ground and make a mountain pose.

Step 3. Slowly roll ab wheel forward in straight line. (contract your abs and feel the pain)

Step 4. Go forward you can. (hold this position 3-4 sec)

Step 5. Return to the starting position.

Key Point

  • Round your Upper back.
  • Squeeze the Glutes.
  • Tilt your Pelvis backward.
  • Avoid arch in the lower back.
  • Lock your arms.
If you can't hold these positions you have to change the lever and make it easier.

There are two options to do this.

1. You can either decrease the range of motion and don't roll out that far. This method help you to build strength if you can do some of reps then you look for progression. Decreasing the range motion make this exercise a lot easier for beginner level. Always remember that you have to come back in starting position, try to go control your range. If you are not able no matter how hard try on the knee.

2. You can do the ab wheel roll out on your knees. When you do it on your knees it will easy to do, but this way increases the hardness to hold the correct Pelvis position because your rectus femoris gets stretched a little bit this can force your pelvis easier into the posterior pelvic tilt position. So always take care that you don't arch your lower back.

Benefits of ab wheel

  • Activate Core stability.
  • It's improve posture.
  • It's improve mobility.
  • Reduce or prevent back pain.
  • It's a full body strength builder exercise.


For beginner
  • Abs Wheel roll out on Knee.
  • Close range abs wheel roll out.
  • Ab Wheel Plank.
For Advance 
  • V ab wheel roll out.
  • Plank to pike ab wheel roll out.
  • Ab wheel roll out with HIIT band.
Caution:- Person suffering from lower back pain, hernia or any physical disorder should consult their fitness trainer or doctor.

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