3 Best Pull Ups exercises [CrossFit Workout]

Pull Up

Pull up exercise

There are many ways to do a pull up but in the end it all comes down to three fundamental movement patterns. In this article we'll take a look on these three types of pull up movements and show you progression for each one of them let's get started with the first one.

Body rows pull up movement
Pull up- body row

This exercise known as body row. It's great for people yet to build a basic strength and feeling foot pull moves the difference between a normal pull up and body row is that your feet are resting on the ground . You have to use your legs your butt and your erector spine to stabilize the movement in the bottom position.
You start by pulling your shoulder blades together to activate your back after that you start to pull your elbows backwards and bend your arms to pull yourself up. When you're in the top position your hands should be on the same height as your chest if the bar is too high it won't work because either the angle will not allow you to perform the movement correctly or the movement gets too easy. A good solution for this are Rings or a TRX band because you can adjust them on different height. You can adjust them on different height. 
Pull up body rows

You can also make the exercise harder by archer body rows or one arm body rows here you can also change the difficulty by changing the angle.
One of the hardest variation of this movement are all kinds of front lever pull ups. Here you don't support yourself with your feet on the ground any more. When you start the tuck front lever pull ups do it on the rings because when you do it on the bar you have to extend your legs a little bit more to be able to move over the complete range of motion.
Ofcourse you can also do it on the bar but even this little leg extension makes this movement a lot harder.

Classic Pull Ups
Classic pull up

This exercise is the classic pull up there are different way to do a pull up but when you start you should focus on pulling you shoulder blades downwards to get the necessary tension in your shoulders and back after that you pull your elbows down and bend your arms to pull yourself up at  the top you can lean yourself a little bit backwards bring your chest forward and bring your shoulder blades together to activate the same muscles like in body rows with this execution you get the most out of this movement when we talk about back development always try  to avoid any form of keeping or momentum but move clean and control.

You can make this exercise easier by using a rubber band to support the movement and you can make it harder by working with typewriter archer or even one arm pull up the less you use one arm the harder of the other on has to work.
Always make sure to work both side with the same intensity, reps, speed, and time under tension.
pull up

 Straight arm pull up

The last type is straight arm pull up here you work with front lever raise when you work with front lever raise you work with straight arms. You change your body position from vertical passing horizontal to upside down vertical like in the normal pull ups your shoulder blades down. After that you pull yourself up with straight arms imagine it like reversed great art let pull down which lets your body rotate backward around your shoulder the movement is a lot harder than a normal pull up because you don't bend your arms and the lever is longer the result is that you don't use your elbow flexors to support the movement both strength is produced in the back mostly the lats and for a small part  of the range of motion in the pecs.
Straight arm pull up
Ofcourse you also have to stabilize your core and your legs to let your body straight if the full lever raise is too hard for you. You can adjust the difficulty by changing the lever you do this by bringing one leg or even both legs close to the body. To master the pull movement you should include all three types into your workout.

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