How to lose weight : Diet | Weight loss program


Is this is your question ? You came to right place , we are here to assist you with that question .
Today world's 55% people are suffering from  Obesity  isn't this is unbelievable for you .
Loosing weight is not so hard that you believe . Your  weight is hormonally dependent If you reduce the levels of your fat storing hormone, you will lose weight in less time. Just taking care of your regular diet and maintain according your need you can loose weight so fast. Are you food addict if you are that might be little difficult for you but once you set your aim of weight lose program you can do this so easy-pissy .

Weight Lose Program

To achieve any goal we need to make plan . Here i make easy for you to create your weight loose diet plan . What you eat at breakfast , lunch and dinner matters a lot on your weight . You are not a doctor and not a nutrition expect who calculate taking diet in CALORIES . But you know what you eat so choose wisely what you eat.

1. Choose a low-carb diet

       If you want to lose weight this is the best method introduce by  health science. Eating diet with low-carbs and low sugar helps a lot in weight lose program. Our body is machine we work all day and we use fat as fuel and carbs give as satisfaction all you need to do is use less carbs in your diet this give low calories intake. Low-carbs diet means low calories if you eat low 
carbs diet your body use your storage fat to function this will cause burn your fat in rest.
    Don't be fool choosing low-carbs diet by advertisement they used your weeks to promote there 
    business and earn profit . Don't eat "low-carbs" version of high carbs stuff like 
  • Cookies
  • Bars
  • Chocolate
  • Bread
  • Pasta
    Not only artificial some natural food also have much carbs like Potatoes , Rice , Buckwheat and          bananas. Try to avoid these food to loose weight fast.

2. Eat when hungry

      Generally we eat 3 times a day and use mid snacks also you don't eat when hungry you eat 
according to your clock time if it 7 am you go for breakfast and if 10 pm you take your dinner.
But if you really want to lose weight you have to rid from this routine eat when you hungry .Try to engage your self in your work don't think about food. This trick helps a lot when you are on weight loose program.  Don't be hungry.
       Taking low-carbs and low-fat diet might make you feel more hungry because you need at least one of them to work  . These are the main source on energy giving to your body . So use fat
YES! you read right fat but not cheese that fat i mean natural fat .

       Low Carbs + Low Fat = Starvation.

     Don't be so hard on your body if you choose this method for losing weight this may be your baddest choice. Go normal use natural fat to prevent your body from starvation.

  Some natural fat you can take.

  • Butter
  • Full fat cream.
  • Olive oil .
  • Coconut oil, etc.
* In naturopathy there is special Diet Therapy for weight lose . Always use to eat half full your stomach . Half empty stomach help in better digestion and your body automatically use your stored fat as fuel this help in fat burring process and help in weight loss in less time.

3. Avoid market stuff

     Today's market if full of  unhealthy and artificial food with attractive advertisement . They makes false claim of having low-calories , low- fat and sugar free food but instead of low those food contain much more then actual. So, don't cheat your self if you want to loose weight try to take cheat meal . Don't eat everything in moderation . Eat as much healthy food as you can , whenever you hungry . Eat little market unhealthy stuff as you can . If possible not at all.

If you want to eat  check out contain  and ingredients because the product claims low-carbs is full of sugar and fat which is not count as carbs . Be aware from  market policy .

4. Avoid Sugar

      Avoid sugar form all the way the artificial as well as natural . Strict stop consuming sugar in much amount try to take as less as you can. Take Green tea instead of tea and coffee with sugar.

You are not only consuming sugar from sugar, a lot of natural food stuff also contain sugar you don't know about like Fruits and Wheat. Fruit can stop or slow your fat burning program . It also increase your hunger. Fruit is like Candy from nature. Try not take fruit during weight gain program . 

If you drink alcohol also try not to drink beer. Beer also contain sugar if  you drink alcohol use Red wine , Dry wine, Whisky and hard alcohol.

5. Measure Your Progression

      Don't go for much try to set your goal like Weakly , 10 days and 15 days. Try to achieve small goal this will help to motivate for your weight lose program. You don't feel you are wasting your time and efforts. Use measuring tape or if you don't have use a rope take measure and cut the rest . You'll see every weak the rope goes long and long this show your efforts are not wasting . 

Measure your weight and size before starting weight lose program and note down in order to make an chart , every time you see your chart you feel motivate this is one of the best trick.It works.

6. Be Persistent 

     Continuity is the key of success in anything here also . Weight gain program take much more time then weight lose program but for both persistent is secret key. Some time you feel so hard to take this forward then see your progression take a long breath think about your goal and get back with much more energy and focused . People's who don't have aim give up early so, make a goal be persistent to achieve that .

* Stick to your weight lose program.

7. Happy and Healthy lifestyle

    Happiness and stress effect your program much then you think . A stressful lifestyle effect your weight lose program so, it is good to quit your stress then quit your goal .  Try not to take stress that isn't in your control. Stress can cause increasing stress hormone in your body. This can increase your hunger and resulted in weight gain. Try to get possible way to live life happy and not to take care about stress .

Healthy lifestyle means routine your self in a way that you can feel less stress like wake up when you completed your sleep , Regular detoxification, Regular bath , Morning walk , Quality time spend with family or partner . 

* Meditation is good way to relax and control stress .

8. Sleep

     When you sleep your mind on rest and you refreshing your self. Sleep have important role in weight lose program.  A better is that when you complete your sleep without interruption of alarm clock and annoying noise. If you are the person who brutally wake up with alarm clock, that means you are not giving your body adequate rest. If you are working person and must needed to wake up early the only way to resolve this problem is go to bed early this will help you to wake up before alarm clock .
Good sleep also help  control in stress level hormones. 

9. Yoga 

  Yoga is now one of the popular way to lose weight . A lots of yoga asanas have success in losing weight . A perfect yoga session will great help in weight lose program . 

Some of  Yoga ansnas for weight lose.

  • Boat Pose  (Paripurna Navasana)
  • Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita parsvakonana)
  • Four-limb Staff Pose   (Chaturanga Dandasana)
  • Sage Marichi I  (Marichyasna I)
  • Seated Forwarded Bend  (Paschimottanasna)
  • Upward Plank Pose         (Purvottansana)
  • Upward Facing Dog-pose ( Urdhva Mukha Savanasna)
  • Worrier  II Pose  ( Virabhadarsana II)

10. Exercise

    Exercise is key factor of your weight lose program . Sweating cause fast weight lose , not only weight lifting or weighted training .  There are bunch of exercise list which cause very fast weight lose .

Some of the best Exercise for weight lose program

  • Runinng - Undoubted running is great cardio exercise which help in more sweating
  • Jumping rope - Skipping is HIIT ( High-intensity interval training ) it burn approx 1200-1300                              calories per hour .
  • Swimming - Swimming comes in list of top most exercise for weight lose .
  • Cycling  -  Cycling also help in burning calories fast .

Thanks for reading this share your  comment and you are free to ask related to fitness.


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