Handstand Push Up Trick [HSPU]

Handstand Push Up
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]

Today i'm going to give you simple guide on How to master the Handstand Push up. The Strict handstand push up requires a combination of strength and balance to be able to perform a handstand push up. You must be able to balance a straight handstand. If you are not able to do a perfect balance handstand go to this Handstand Guide for quick master in handstand. As you add the additional dynamic strength challenge of lowering your head to the floor and pressing back up if you can't get hold a freestanding handstand make sure you practice your handstand balance in addition to strength training when working toward the goal of a handstand push up.
I recommend individual training strength and balance separately and then utilizing exercises that combine them. And also before starting any exercise you must do warm up

let's go for the first exercise.

Pike Push Up
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]

This exercise will help develop the vertical pressing using only a portion of your body-weight and without the added challenge of balancing a handstand. 
  • Start in a push-up position with the hands shoulder width apart.

  • Walk your feet as close to your hands as possible.

  • Rise  up onto your toes and try to get your hips over your shoulder. You won't be able to do this with your feet on the ground but get your hips as close as possible.

  • To being over your shoulders lower down bringing your head in front of your hands until your forhead touches the floor.

  • Then straighten your arms as push back and opening your shoulders at the top keep the elbows over the wrists through out the movement.
This exercise replicates the motor pattern used in a handstand push up and will help strength the necessary muscles in a functional manner.

Common mistakes
  • The most common mistakes is to bring the head between rather than in front of  hands. By doing this you are no longer replicating the motor pattern of a handstand push up and therefore diminishing functional strength gains.

  • Another common mistakes is straightening the arms before opening the shoulder by doing so you are training forward push ups rather than vertical pushing strength make sure you straighten the arms as your shoulder open and you keep the entire movement. 
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]
You can progress this exercise by elevating your feet on an object with your feet elevated walk your hands toward your feet with the goal of stacking your hips directly over your shoulders. From here the mechanics are the same as with your feet an the floor bring the head forward as you lower push back up opening and elevating your shoulders at the top of the movement.
The difficulty of this exercise relates to how high your feet are elevated initially. Choose a low height object and increase the height as you get stronger to place more weight on your hands.

Wall Hspu
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]

The second exercise is the chest to wall handstand push up this exercise simulates a full handstand push up.To perform this exercise are require you to lift your entire body weight means it requires the same degree of strength used in a handstand push up without the added challenge of balancing.
  • Start in a chest to wall handstand.
  • Go close to wall with your hands a few steps from wall so, the body is slightly angled.
  • Lower down bringing your head in front of your hands and press back to the starting position.
  • Ensure you maintain straight body alignment throughout the movement.
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]I recommend you to wall push up with your chest facing the wall as this utilizes the change in angle of your body used in a freestanding handstand push ups doing wall handstand push ups with your back facing the wall can it entice you to arch your back and doesn't mimic the mechanic of a freestanding handstand push up as well.

Hspu Negative
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]

The third exercise is the handstand push up negative if you can't get to a handstand push up but can balance a handstand and can perform wall handstand push up. A great way to improve your strength while simultaneously improving your balance is to perform negatives in addition to improving your strength and balance this exercise will familiarize you with the exact position you travel through during the handstand push up helping you get better at the movement.
  • To perform a handstand push up negative kick into a handstand and perform lowering phase of a handstand push up in a slow and controlled manner. Hold the position at the bottom with your head just off the ground before stepping back to your feet then kick back into a handstand. 
Repeat ensure you maintain straight body alignment throughout the movement.

Bent arm press
Handstand Push up trick [Calisthenics]

The fourth exercise is bent arm handstand press if you can comfortably perform the previous exercises but are still struggling with concentric portion of the handstand push up a good way to train this segment is with the bent arm handstand press this exercise incorporates both balance and strength components and allows you to practice the concentric phase with the assistance of a little momentum.
  • Start with pike push up on the floor.
  • When you get to the bottom of the movement lift your feet off the floor.
  • Hold this position if you can comfortably do this.
  • Extend your hips after you lift your feet.
  • Finally use the forward momentum to help you press up.
Once you've reached the handstand step out of it and repeat. Try to resist the temptation to arch your back as your straighten your arms. 

The previous exercises should help you build both the strength and balance require to achieve your first handstand push up and later.
Complete the movement for repetitions once you've mastered the handstand push up. You can increase the difficulty by increasing the range of movement speed or even adding weight.

If you have any further question just leave a comment.


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