Chest Workout - Push ups for chest

Chest workout

Today i am gonna give you a full body weight exercise for puffing your chest . This routine if for all  level beginner to advanced. A bigger  chest is one of the basic and liked everyone looks for great personality. 

Why you go to gym lift heavy weight when you can do at home without any equipment just you and you . You can do your chest bigger and puffed with a most effective pushups training at your home.
You well heard and know about Push ups . Pushups is body weight exercise which directly put pressure on chest and secondary on biceps or triceps according on variation .

There are a lots of variation of push which put pressure differently on chest . 

Some  popular variations of push ups 

  1. Wide range push ups
  2. One hand push ups 
  3. Alternate push ups 
  4. Clap push ups
  5. Double clap push ups and lots more

Push ups for chest

Actually wide range pushups is more likely for chest exercise but the in this session we don't do that this exercise is design for fast result in puffing chest . You can check out videos of famous Bar brother . 

Lets start the session

In this session you have to 3 set's of 4 push up exercise you have do all 4 exercise continuously .After completing all exercise their is rest of 1- 2 minutes according levels . Do not forget warm up and stretching . Warm up is needed for preventing you from cramp , it is good and basic thing to remind,
1 minute warm up help you to not getting injured for a month and stretching help your muscle relax.

  • Warm up:-   20 jumping jack 
                                10 hand rotation (clock wise and anti-clockwise)

For Beginners 

Normal push ups      5 reps
Decline push ups      5 reps
Incline push ups       5 reps 
Diamond push ups   5 reps

                           3 Set's

                                      Rest 2 minutes                              (increase if needed)

For Intermediate 

Normal push ups      8 reps
Decline push ups      8 reps
Incline push ups       8 reps 
Diamond push ups   8 reps

                               3 Set's

                                      Rest 2 minutes                           (increase if needed)

For Advance

Normal push ups      10 reps
Decline push ups      10 reps
Incline push ups       10 reps 
Diamond push ups   10 reps

                             3 Set's

                                      Rest 2 minutes                        (increase if needed)

  • Stretching :-   Cobra pose for 30 second (click here for yoga lesson) 

Normal Pushups 

How to do :-

  1. Lay on ground with your chest side.
  2. Up your whole body except hand and toes.
  3. Place your hand direct straight under shoulder. as shown is picture
  4. While going down make sure your elbow go backward in V-shape.
  5. Then push your body up with chest . 
Note* Don't make arch in back while pushing your body up,

Decline Push ups

How to do :- 

  1. Choose a stable surface about 2' to 2.5' ft. height e.g Chair or box
  2. Put your toe on chair/box . as shown in picture
  3. Put your hand ground directly under shoulder.
  4. Up your chin,  don't look down to ground.
  5. Maintain your Form (posture) .

Note* Perfect form (posture) is better way for fast results.

Incline Push ups

How to do:-

  1. Put your hand on chair/box .
  2. Hand should be straight under shoulder.
  3. Take care of your form, elbow should go backward in V-shape.
  4. Touch your chest with chair.
  5. Don't do fast, maintain a constant speed.
Note* The more you increase height it become more easy or the more you decrease height harder it 

Diamond Push ups 

How to do:- 

  1. Join your both hand in diamond shape. as shown in picture
  2. Put your hand directly under middle of chest.
  3. Look forward while going down.
  4. Touch your hand with your chest. don't cheat your self
  5. Maintain your form (posture).
Note* Try to do slow and constant it increase tension in muscles .

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