Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]

Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]

Handstand is a Calisthenic body-weight exercise, Handstands are known by various other names. In yoga, the handstand is known as Downward-facing Tree Pose (Adho Mukha Vrksasana) . In capoeira it is named bananeira.

Handstand is skill of supporting the body in a stable, inverted vertical position by balancing on the hands.

How you can learn handstand step by step. Today we are going to cover some basic and fundamental key factors to master in handstand. Before starting make sure you warm up your self to prevent injury in short term or long term warm up also helps in mobility.

We gonna cover

1. Form/ Execution.

2. Preparation + Mobility work.

3. Beginner Exercises + Progression.

4. Mistakes.

5. Variations.

Form/ Execution
Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]Let's start with the execution in the first example we see a Banana Handstand which is certainly easier to stand but has no advantages over the straight Handstand. But it will help you in further for building shoulder strength and understanding the function of handstand if you can a banana handstand this may be something plus point.
The second example, we see the Str,aight Handstand which represents our goal the straight handstand has the advantage that you spare your joint because the body stand in a straight line this means less stress on the shoulder and lumbar spine in addition by doing the straight handstand. You tense and control the muscles in the torso, the hips and leg more effectively as we let the legs hand forward and form an arch back. The positive aspect is the improved control over your body because you are only able to stand straight when the shoulders, pelvis and legs are coordinates right. When you do the handstand you balance your body mainly through the wrists, the shoulder, the pelvis and the legs often a banana handstand only occurs because the mobility and the shoulder joint is missing to do is right, you have to tilt your pelvis backward and open the torso without forming and arched back.

Point to note.
  • Banana Handstand has no advantage.

  • Less stress on shoulder and lumbar spine in straight handstand.

  • You tense and control the muscles in the torso, hips, and legs.

  • Body mainly balanced by Wrists, Shoulders, Pelvis and Legs.

Preparation + Mobility Work
Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]

You can read this Basic Flexibility and Mobility guide for beginner. article for basic mobility program.
You can do
  • Arch on Exercise ball - Doing arch on exercise help in spine and lower back mobility.
  • Shoulder mobility - You can mobile your shoulder with rotating your hands in clock or anti-clock direction or you can learn from above mention link.
  • Superman with hollow abdominal- This exercise help you to mobile your upper and lower back and also engage your core.
  • Wrists warm up - You can do warm up your wrists by rotating your fist, putting some pressure on wrists and pulling wrists aside or opposite of your body.

Beginner Exercises + Progression
Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]

Now, let get to the exercises and progression. First you can start with
  • A pike stand - Again it's important to open the angle between arms and torso. You can also do pike push up which is one of the best exercise to build shoulder strength choose a higher platform for get more benefit from this exercise.

  • Crow pose - This exercise increase your power of straight arms which is quite important for a balanced handstand. This is a yoga asana in which you put your all body weight on your arms and keep in mind arms should be very straight. Including this exercise in your handstand progression will help you to reach your goal soon.

  • Wall handstand - First you practice the kick up there are several methods of standing on wall is standing back and belly ones because you stand slightly away from the wall the body will not become completely vertical but you have to make sure that the body is straight itself.

  • Closer to wall- Now, we move closer to the wall. If you kick up too hard you simply bounce off the wall you therefore, already train the right amount of kick up for free handstand because you are closer to wall your body is now vertical. Handstand on wall with belly side closer to wall give you muscle memory how it feel while free handstand.

  • One-leg assisted wall handstand - The final progression is the one leg assisted wall handstand, here now only leg is placed on the wall and the other one is stretched out straight up. Now try to lose the other leg slowly and stand up straight because you still practice on the wall you can always rotate your self before you start with the free handstand.

  • Exit - You should practice the correct exit form handstand here, you can either roll or rotate lateral relief from the handstand. This will help to become more fearless and you can do handstand anywhere.


1. Wrists placement
Wrists are the pillar for your handstand. Mostly people mistake with wrists placement and can't balance for long.
  • Try to stretch your fingers.
  • Connect your palm with ground.
2. Shoulder form
Shoulder is like structure of your handstand. Make sure you do these following this with shoulder.
Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]
  • Push out shoulder.
  • Push floor down.
  • Push the scapula down.
  • Make your arms super straight.
3. Alignment
For a perfect handstand for long period you should do handstand in straight alignment.

4. Engaging Core and hip.
Most of people don't engage core this could be biggest mistake.
  • Activate Core.
  • Bring your Hip back.
  • Bring you feet slightly forward.
5. Pointing legs.
This help you in engaging your calves to your quads, hamstring all the way to your Core. That going to keep your body in like a straight line. Its going to be easier to control you body weight.

Cheat- Focus on one point straight of your nose.

Do a perfect Handstand in 30 minutes. [Calisthenics]

There are tons of variation of handstand.You may also do the variation of handstand but the risks are loaded differently by the different form therefore, the body must also learn to balance with different angles. This is one of the most popular skill/exercise all over the world. Some popular handstand variations are
  • One arm Handstand
  • Stag split Handstand
  • Hollow back Handstand
  • Straddle split handstand
  • Handstand on Parallet
  • Handstand on Single bar
  • Handstand Push Up

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