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Meditation is a training, where we use to train our mind for deep calm and overcome from mental and social problem. In today world where stress catches on faster than the eye can see or the mind can perceive. It is a necessity. Meditation  give inner peace. It is one of the main reason why monk and meditaion practitioner is so calm and centre. This create a positive "aura" circumstance which lead us toward calmness and success.

Benefits of meditation :

  • Help in being focused 
  • less anxiety
  • less negativity
  • improve blood circulation
  • maintain heart rate
  • deeper relaxation 
  • lower blood pressure.

Some popular form of meditation

Focused attention method.

Open monitoring method.

No thought method.

Meditation Asanas

Asanas provide practitioner to sit for extended periods of  time without moving the body and without discomfort. Deep meditaion requires the spinal column to be straight and very few asanas can satisfy this condition. A proper meditaion asanas help you to meditate for a long period .

Basic meditation asanas for beginner.

  • Sukhasana ( Easy Pose )
  • Ardha Padmasana ( Half-lotus Pose)
  • Padmasana ( Lotus Pose)
  • Siddhasana ( Accomplished Pose for Men)

How to do .

      1. Do these following selected pawanmuktasanas series for preparing the body for the meditation
  • Adrha titali asana   (Half butterfly)
  • Shorni chakra         (Hip rotation)
  • Poorna Titali          (Full butterfly)
  • Vayu niskasana      (Wind releasing pose)
  • Kawa chalasana     (Crow walking)
  • Udharkarshan        (Abdominal stretch pose)  
     2. Choose a comfortable asana from above Meditations Asanas.
     3. Do Anulom-vilom first for better breathing and concentration.
     4. Breath naturally.
     5. Choose a comfortable form of meditation from above .
     6. Practice meditation at least 15-20 minutes ( for beginners).

Most asked questions.

Q. Which meditation asana is good for beginners?
 Ans.  Try EASY POSE (Shukhasana) as name it is easy and very comfortable for beginners.

Q. Which type of place is good for meditation?
Ans. A fully ventilated room with natural sound is best place for start. Once you mastery in                           meditation you can do anywhere.

Q.  Which type of cloth recommended?
Ans.  Always wear loose and washed cloth or choose according to your comfort.

Q.  Best time for Meditation?
 Ans. 2 hours around sunrise or sunset is suitable time for medititon.

Q. How long meditation could be?
Ans.  For beginning you can do for 10-15 minutes . A regular practitioner can do for 3-4 hours.

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