How to start morning.

Everybody wants a healthy lifestyle .
You do lots to get a perfect shape or to maintain your physic .
Your run miles do cardio join gym do yoga . But do you realise doing all these stuff take too much time and also not easy to do .
If you are not an athlete or sport person and not willing to so in any time . You can stay fit without all these just to follow simple steps and include in everyday routine .

1 You should start with morning
Make a wake up time its not necessary that you must start your day at 4:00 am. If your sleep take more time and your dream are bigger don't rush . But you must choose a perfect time that you can follow . 

After waking up take small walk and have some water . It help you to feel morning and if you hangout with nature , nature never make you unhealthy .

Nature have all the power to heal your problem . 

We will meet tomorrow with some other tip till then keep your-self healty

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