How to gain muscle

How To Gain Muscle

Muscle gaining is easy if you want to make it . In today's world being skinny is like a sin . If you are skinny people call you with irritating name . No one wants to be skinny or a skeleton with a layer of thin muscle . Be muscular is everybody dream . If you want to be fit and gain some muscle you should make program right now .
This is a concern as being underweight can be just as bad for your health as being obsessed. A fit man is always attractive .

Cause of underweight 

Calories intake 
- If your per day calories can't fill your need because you work more then you never be muscular . Calories play important role in weight gain or lose.

Unhealthy routine - If you wake up at 12 pm because you woke up all night . And always party and not taking your breakfast , lunch and dinner at time . This causes big loss of muscle.

- If you are regularly smoke cigarettes this gonna be your biggest mistake . 

Things you should do to gain weight .
Weight Gain Program 
- Everything started with a plan . If you want to gain weight you should stick to your program this help in  continuity . Plan is the piller of your weight gain . In this you must include all you need to do take experienced advice ( follow us and get weight gain program ) make a perfect chart of your everyday routine and diet. It help you to track your per day intake and used calories.

- You never gain weight without a proper and healthy diet . A proper diet  means everything you eat must be in your routine . Healthy diet help you to gain weight fast and build your muscle . 
* Things you should add in your diet.

Protein , Carbohydrates, and fats. 

Nuts - Almond , walnut, macadamia nuts & peanuts.
Dried fruit - Raisin, date prunes and other.
High fat dairy - Whole milk, fully fat yogurt , cheese and cream.
Oil - Extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil.
Grains - Whole grains like oats and brown rice.
Meat - Chicken , Pork ( Choose fattier pieces )
Tubers - Potatoes , Sweet potatoes and carbs rich foods.
Supplement - Whey protein , Monohydrate creatine and mass gainer.

- Choosing right workout play major role your weight gain program . Dont push yourself too hard do smart . 
*Warm up - Do not go directly to lift heavy weight warm up is very compulsory to prevent you from injury.
*Weight Lifting - Lifting heavy weight is always a great workout for gain . Doing more reps gives you strength but to get more mass you should minimise your reps and add more weight . Include these workout in your routine 
                1 Dead lift 
                 2 Bench Press
                   3 Weight Squats
 *Full body workout - Full body workout means train your full body everyday don't divide your workout with day . Full body training gives better result in weight gain . And it also give time to recover.
* Ashtanga yoga ( Strength yoga )
 - It help you in weight management and give you strength . Doing yoga also help in mobility and flexibility .

Consistency & Progression - Being consistent is the secret key of weight gain . Weight gaining not two days work to get a great shape and muscle you need consistency . And regular check your progression. It give you motivation and keep it up and help you to continue your routine .

Sleep & Happiness

 - For a better gain avoiding these two things is blander .
Sleeping gives you better recovery and helps you to relax . Avoid stress that you cant control . Mental peace is very needed for recovery and relax .

Expert tips
  Don't drink water before meal.
  Drink Milk
  Add snack in free time
  Take creatine ( Monohydrate creatine                                is better option)
   Protein first then vegetables.
   Don't smoke

   Be happy .

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