Benefits of jumping rope / skipping

Hello, fitness freak do you know the benefits of jumping rope. It is very easy and good exercise for full body. It help in loosing fat burn more calories and important thing is that you don't need to waste you're money. You just need a rope and a small plane surface.

 Benefits of jumping rope

1. It is HIIT ( High-intensity interval training ) one of the best cardio workout.

2. Jumping Rope burn about 300 calories  per 20 and approx 1200 per hour this is quite high then running.

3. It is Full body workout . 

4. Jumping rope is very effective in improving endurance.

5. It is cardiovascular exercise this help hearts pump fast and improve blood transport in body.

6.  Its is very effective exercise for loosing fat if you  want to lose fat this is best exercise.
7.  It improve in footwork , balancing and agility . If you are related to sports  jumping rope is like foundation .

8. Jumping rope not expensive like gyming  all you need just a rope no need of  trainers or other expensive equipment.

9.  It tone your full body you just need to  jump rope your body automatically in  shape or tone.

10.  Detoxify yes you read absolutely right   jumping rope helps you in sweating which causes your body get detoxifies.

How to jump rope 

The first thing you should do before you starting skipping is adjust the length of your rope. Hold the handles at each end of the rope, one handle in each hand, by your sides. Now, step in the middle of the rope, keeping the length taut with the ends stretched upwards. Shorten the rope till both the ends reach your armpits.

Hold on! Before we start, let’s see what options we have at hand, i.e., how many types of rope jumping exercises are there, and how will you benefit from each.

Types of jumping rope / skipping 

Basic jump

Basic jump is the foundation of skipping once you master in this you can go for progression . In basic jump only need jump on toe about 3-5 inches above ground.

Alternate jump

This is very common and popular style of jumping rope / skipping . In alternate jump you need to jump on only feet at a time this cause 2x jump per minute then basic jump.


This style of jumping rope is not high intensity . When you tried or bore from jumping rope you can try this . In this style you need to jump like basic jump but cross your hand only from forearms and wrist do not involve shoulder.

Double under jump

In this style of jump you need to jump high from both feet at once and trun the rope as fast as you can till you land . A professional attend quadruple and quintuple using the same method.

Single leg jump 

In this form of rope jumping you need to jump only on one feet at a time use rope rotation as basic . Change the leg and do same . This is unilateral exercise and direct put pressure on calf.

Things need to take care before start skipping

1. Choose good quality of rope . If rope  break during workout hurts you. A strong rope is better option. 

 2.  If you are a beginner do not use metal wire rope . First do with light plastic rope once you master then  increase speed you can use metal wire rope.

3. Choose a plane and shock absorbing surface. Performing skipping on hard can cause pain and injuries .

4.  Barefoot skipping is good form it help in conditioning and make your feet more  strong but if doing barefoot cause pain then choose a good shock absorber sport shoe.

5. Do Warm up and stretching before a HIIT skipping training.

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