9 Things you should do in morning to gain weight

If your want gain weight you strictly follow your routine . And if you start your day with these schedule it give boost in your weight gain program .

1. Wake up before sunrise ⛅
Waking up early morning gives you extra time to do alot exercise and eat more. Your body has been on diet all night (6 to 8 hours) . Do me snozzer wake up early. It helps you to reenergies your body and become more productive.

2. Drink a bottle of water
Since childhood everyone teach us this good habit. A bottle of water in morning gives you boost for all daym Its work Nos of your body to gain weight.

3 Defecation (Poop)

This must be done before doing anything in morning . Removals of waste is as important then taking weight gainer diet.

4 Yoga
Yoga help you to stretch your body. Doing yoga in morning is more beneficial then all over the day . Doing 15 minutes of yoga in morning is far better then gym of a hour. Ashtanga ( a form of yoga ) helps in giving strength to your body.
*To get routine follow my upcoming blogs.

6 Diet 
Morning diet helps alot in gaining weight in no time. Choose wisely what you eat in morning.
  ° Milk - Milk has been used as a weight gainer or muscle                    builder for decades. Drinking milk is a great way                      to add protein to your diet.
  ° Nuts & Nuts Butter
                           - Make sure you choose 100% nut butter
                              with no added sugar or extra oil.
  ° Pre-workout protein supplement

   ° Sprouts 
                    - Well balanced sprout with good quality
                       of dry fruits .

7 Running 
Do not run fast. Running in slow pace help your body to detoxify. Small or slow run also very effective for weight gain.

 8 Plan 
  If you are planning for weight gain program. You can't understand and acknowledge your body changes. You are different from other your body needs something different that everyone needs . Like if you have low fat body then you should added more fat in your diet & if you have fatty body boycott fat. Make proper plan think about all aspects and always check your progression will motivate you.

9 Happiness 
 A stressful mind is always a blockage for weight gain program . Your mind have important role in gaining weight. Do not take stress that not in your hand . Live a happy life enjoy your progression .

Comment your problem or your progression.


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