Burn belly fat at home 8 minutes workout | Body-weight exercise | lower abs

Burn Belly Fat

Today i gonna giving you very intense 8 minute fat burning exercise perfect for all fitness level that gonna targeting belly fat . We gonna shock our body with highly effective workout . Every exercise being done in two version one hanging and one laying down. Using two angle sure we hit all part of core as well as burning fat and scoping your abs simultaneously. This body-weight workout gonna hit your belly fat and build your core. So we gonna doing 8 minutes workout 45 second on and 15 second off . If you feel discomfort take a breath , drink water and back again with power. If you feel this so hard lower the rep on slow the intense but do not stop because this is the key .
  • Keep the perfect form.
  • Keep the time on attention.
Start with low impact exercise slowly moving to highly impact exercises.

    1. Hanging bicycle  (45 sec)

  • Hang on a bar.
  • Lift one raise to the chest level.
  • Drop that leg and raise another leg as same.
  • Don't move back.
                                                REST  (15 sec)
    2.  Laying Bicycle Crunch
  • Lay on ground ( use mat ).
  • Put your hand behind your neck as in picture above .
  • Lift your upper body and leg  on waist.
  • Lift your one leg and try to touch alternate elbow with knee.
  • Do same with another leg and use alternate hand.
  • Do not put pressure on neck.
  • If you feel too easy try faster as you can.
                                                REST (15 sec)
    3.  Hanging Leg Flutter Kick  (45 sec)
  • Hang on a bar.
  • Lift your both leg horizontal to the ground.
  • Lift one leg to the bar .
  • Do same with another leg. 
  • Try to not swing.
                                               REST  (15 sec)

    4.   Flutter Kick  (45 sec)

  • Lay on ground  (use mat)
  • Lift your both leg from ground.
  • Lift alternate leg .
  • Do not put your hand under waist.
                                                 REST (15 sec)

    5.   Hanging Corner Raises   (45 sec)

  • Hang on a bar.
  • Lift your knee horizontal to the ground.
  • Lift  your both knee twist the waist one sided.
  • Do same to alternate side .
  • Do not swing too much.
                                               REST (15 sec)

    6.   Seated Corner Raises     (45 sec)

  • Lay on ground  (use mat).
  • Lift your upper body and knee to the ground.
  • Use your hand to hold upper body.
  • Lift  your knee twisting one sided.
  • Do same with alternate side.
                                             REST  (15 sec)

    7.  Toes to Bar    (45 sec)
  • Hang on a bar.
  • Lift your both leg straight to touch the bar 
  • Do not swing too much .
  • If you feel too easy try faster.
                                              REST  (15 sec)

   8.  Laying Leg Raises   (45 sec)
  • Lay on ground (use mat)
  • Lift your both leg straight to the top.
  • If you feel pain in lower back use your hand under waist.
  • Try slow and concentrate feel the pain.

                                                 Relax .
                                                   Thanks for reading subscribe this blog for more such stuff

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