Train Your Chest With Pull Up Variation

How To Train Your Chest With Pull Ups ?
Pull up for chest

What is the best pull up variation to train your chest?

May be you now thinking is this guy kidding me. A pull up is mostly about the lats, the arms and the back but not about the chest. Well today i gonna show you how you can train your chest with some pull up variation. You might be doing some of them. 

To increase tension on your chest pecs with pull ups i have some technique you can incorporate in your workout program. 
You can take advantage when you do pull ups.
  • Instead of overhand using underhand grip.
  • Instead of wide grip choose a narrow grip.
  • Instead of pulling your elbows backwards as much as you can fix them in front of your body.
  • Instead of extending your spine aim for a hollow body position.
With all those pints your will have the best possible pull up variation when it comes to the chest activation.

How pull up works for chest?

If you do a wide pull up you would move origin and insertion apart from each other and this is counterproductive to the optimal chest activation.

You also pull both arms from above your head to the front of your body if your would pull your arms back to a total extension like you do it in a Body Row or an Arch Back  Pull Ups  You would move the origin and insertion away from each other.

But if your arms from above your heads to your horizontal position you will activate your chest instead of stretching it.

The Hollow Body and the Underhand Grip are also important to trigger you complete anterior chain and to optimize the movement .

If you have further question just leave a comment.

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Why People Do Kipping Pull Ups

Kipping Pull Ups
If the Strict Pull Ups are for so many benefits why people even do the Kipping Version ?

The Answer is Efficiency put simply you can do the more pull ups when kipping then doing strict ones.
As we compare all the key point and pros & cons.
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This is important for Competitions like CrossFit Games Competition or any other in which you have to do many reps as possible.
If the rules only say that you have to extend your arms and bring the chin over the bar. It's understandable that people will try to make this movement more efficient so, that they can get a better score.

Of course this makes no sense in many points like
  • Health
  • Strength
  • Muscle development
But competitive sport is and always was about Higher, Faster and Further.
A huge downside of kipping it that it's much more likely to cause excessive strain and injury to muscles and connective tissue.
⚠️ Higher Risk Of Short Or Long Term Injuries

Stabilizing your body on the way down when doing a pull up with momentum is much harder as when you do it strict especially when you combine the kipping movement with an excessive arch in your lower back and huge range of motion in your shoulder joints.

Kipping in general demands greater joints Stability, Mobility, Flexibility and Control as strict movement. If you can't control the movement in every rep you can easily create shoulder elbow and lower back injuries. 

So, what's the conclusion?
If your goal is to increase strength build up muscle mass and minimize the risk of injury as much as possible.
Stick to Strict Pull Ups the same counts for all beginner out there.

If you want to compete and your have to do kipping pull ups be sure to optimize the technique and work on your mobility and flexibility. Basic Flexibility And Mobility Guide

If you want to increase the amount of strict pull ups you can train with this guide. Increase Your Pull Ups In 4 Weeks It helps you to get stronger and prepare your connective tissue at the same time.

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Are CrossFit (Kipping) Pull Ups Really That Bad ?

CrossFit Pull Ups (kipping Pull Ups)
Kipping Pull ups

Zero Zero Zero people often make jokes about this kind of crossfit pull ups or you can say kipping pull ups because they look kind of strange on the first view. 
But are they really that bad or offered a some benefits that straight pull ups don't have?

Today we will compare kipping (crossfit) pull up and Strict Pull Ups and talk about the pros and cons of each variation.

Strict Pull Ups

Strict Pull Ups

First we take an eye on the strict pull ups this strict pull up is a strength based exercise in which the purpose is to maximally contract the muscles without using any kind of momentum.

There are different variation when it comes to strict pull ups like the Hollow Body Pull Up and Arch Back Pull Up but they have one thing in common. You don't swing and You don't kick.

Kipping Pull Ups (CrossFit Pull Ups)

Crossfit Pull Ups

Now let's take a look at the Kipping Pull Up and Butterfly Pull Up both style are built on same two fundamental position the hollow body and the arch back position. 
The difference is the movement rhythm that changes when executing the two styles.

When you do Kipping Pull Up you arch pull to the bar in the hollow body position to push away front the bar in the hollow body position and arch again.

When you do Butterfly Pull Up you arch pull to the bar in the hollow body position go down the bar in an arch position and repeat.

Pros And Cons Of Pull Ups

So, What are the pros & cons for each movement.

The Strict Pull Up is King when it comes to building muscles and strength strict pull ups will emphasize muscle tension through the complete range of the motion. 

✔️ Constant Muscle Tension
✔️ Strength Development
✔️ Less Risk of Injury
✔️ Easier Technique

While Kipping Pull Up have a tendency to decrease the amount of strength need to complete the movement because of the kipping motion.

Strict Pull Up are also best when you are a beginner even if they are harder in terms of strengths and the kipping one. 

The reason for that is that all kinds of kipping pull ups are more challenging when it comes to the technique and they have a much higher risk of injury.

Momentum Focused Movement
Less muscle tensions
Higher risk of Injury
Complex technique

So, before you think of trying keeping pull up (crossfit pull ups) start with the strict version and build a basic strength first.

If you can't do a proper pull up yet just choose an easier version like Negative Pull Up or Band Assisted Pull Ups until you are able to do more.